Victoria Maybee 

Have a chat to your mum for me.

Ask her about her old hair straightening regime. Did it involve hours of singeing using a household clothing iron? I reckon it probably did. 

Oh how far we've come. 

With the first "straighteners" dating as far back as the 1890's, women have taken on a wide range of tools to help them achieve smooth sleek strands.

The old school ironing board method might seem funny now, but the first "professional" straighteners weren't too far off. The first generation of flat irons featured metal or even glass plates, requiring a lot of effort and leaving a lot of damage in their wake.

It wasn't until the early 2000's that the game was truly changed with the launch of ceramic technology, preventing damage and locking in smoothness, ceramic coated straighteners took the styling industry by storm. 

Today we're taking a look at the very first company to bring ceramic technology to market. That company, of course, is none other than Good Hair Day (GHD).



Let’s take it back to the beginning. The Good Hair Day company was founded in 2001 by three UK gents: Robert Powls, Gary Douglas and Martin Penny. With an extensive background in the industry, Powls noticed a gap in the market for a powerful set of straighteners. Jumping at the opportunity, he purchased a revolutionary design from a South Korean inventor.

The coveted straighteners held one defining feature: aluminum plates with ceramic coating. A powerful heat conductor, aluminium plates provide an even spread of heat to prevent hot and cold spots. The true game changer, the ceramic layer, which allows the plates to glide smoothly through hair for faster styling and ultimately less damage. 

The first set of GHD's was sent out to salons across the UK. Despite the high price tag, the reviews rolled in - and they were pretty rave. Word spread like wildfire. The powerful irons with protective plates quickly made their way across the pond, gathering celebrity attention and serious sales.

The Specs 

So what specifically makes these straighteners sizzle?

1) Hold on Hot Stuff 

First things first, GHD is wicked fast to heat up. In under 30 seconds, a pleasant little beep lets you know that your flat iron has reached optimum temp. That perfect temperature, according to GHD, sits at around 185 celsius. Many other irons on the market reach as high as 230 degrees, but according to the Good Hair Day gurus, that's just excessive. The GHD plates use trizone technology to spread heat evenly and maintain an even temperature. 

As a bonus, they've also got an auto shut off feature that kicks in after 30 minutes. Gone are the days of burnt straightener marks all over your vanity table.

2) No texture too tricky

In 2011 GHD launched the Gold Styler series; three custom designs that tailor to hair texture. The gold mini styler was created for precise styling of pixie cuts, thin hair and teeny tiny fly aways. The max styler picks up where the little guy leaves off; taking on thick strands and tough texture. The classic styler suits all hair types with traditional 24mm plates.

3) They last a lifetime

Ok maybe not literally, but they do last for ages. The company gives a generous 24 month warranty on all of their popular stylers. Rest assured, they're known to live a lot longer than two years. Rumour around our office says these babies can last for the better part of a decade. Of course, in a high-volume salon the lifespan varies, but nonetheless, they kick on quite well. 

Beyond Straight 

We all know it's possible to have a good hair day without sticking to straight locks. That's why the pros at GHD brought out two salon calibre hair dryers: the Air and the Aura. You know that fluffy look you sometimes get when drying textured tresses? Say goodbye. The professional Aura dryer delivers a super

concentrated air stream to so you can work on the exact section of hair you want without stuffing up the others. 

Last but not least, let's hear it for the curls! Due to the rounded edges, it's possible to achieve some pretty great waves with your GHD straighteners alone. However, to lock in tighter curls, the company's creative wands and tongs make the ideal weapon of choice. 

Image credit: @ghdhair