Now more than ever, having a social media presence is essential for beauty businesses. One of the best ways to boost your social media following and ultimately increase your business is to host a contest. This week on the Beauty Lab blog we're here to help you harness the power of your salon's social media and host a successful giveaway.

Let's Chat About:

Benefits for Your Beauty Business

Types of Social Media Contests for Salons

Bonus Tips to Host a Successful Contest 

Benefits of Contests for Building Your Business

Engage Your Current Clients - One of the biggest benefits of hosting a social media contest is the chance to connect and engage with your existing clients. While word-of-mouth marketing and reviews are important, they're not the only way to benefit from the satisfaction of your current clients. Whether you're a small scale beauty business or multi-shop salon, contests create a great opportunity for your happy guests to get involved in your success. Talk about friends with benefits! 
Find New Followers - Looking to build your client base? Time to queue up a contest. Building a social media following takes time, however, there are a few ways to score a quick boost. Hosting a contest is a great way to bring new attention to your business and build your social media following.
Bring in More Business - Hosting a social media contest is a great way to offer your followers an incentive to try out your beauty services. Hosting a contest for store credit or discounted services is a smart way to bring business off of social media and into your salon. 

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Types of Salon Social Media Contests

Simply Tag a Friend - An easy and effective way to boost engagement amongst your followers is to run a tag a friend contest. Use the caption of an Instagram photo or a Facebook post to ask your followers to tag one of their mates. Create an incentive and explain that the winner will be drawn from the comments. For example, "Tag a mate who could rock this colour." or "Tag a friend who deserves a day at the spa." Prize Incentives that work well include salon credit vouchers, discounts or retail product giveaways. 

Selfie Contest - The beauty industry is visual by nature. With that in mind, social media was pretty much built for us. Harness the visual element of Instagram and Facebook by hosting a selfie contest. You can either set this up in your salon using a "selfie station" or announce the contest online. An in-house selfie station with a unique background or cute sign can make your clients eager to capture their new look and share it on social media. Alternatively, encourage your clients to tag your salon's social media account or use a branded hashtag. Either way, offer an incentive for the best selfie. Consider a monthly draw for salon credit or discounts. 

Gift Basket / Prize Pack - Who doesn't like getting gifts? Gather a few of your best retail products and bundle them into a prize pack. Use your salon's social media to create an engaging contest to award one lucky follower their very own beauty basket. 

Loop Giveaway - Keen to team up with other beauty brands or salons? Consider hosting a loop giveaway. This style of social media contest allows you to join forces with other accounts and create a collective prize pack. Loop giveaways give you the opportunity to reach a much larger audience and offer a higher value prize compared to a solo salon contest.  

What Makes a Succesful Social Media Contest?

Ease of Entry - As much as possible, avoid barriers to entry when planning your social media contest. Keep your instructions clear, concise and open to as many members of your audience as possible. Take a loop giveaway, for example, the more accounts you involve in your loop, the greater the potential scope of the audience. However, a bigger loop means longer instructions and greater risk for potential entrants to lose interest. Consider the size of your audience and plan accordingly. If you have a modest following consider keeping your contest small-scale to start. If you're lucky enough to have a large following, you may want to embrace the leeway to play with a bigger loop. 

Promote the Prize - The prize itself can be a major make or break when it comes to running a successful social media contest. The desirability factor for your prize goes beyond the dollar value. Consider your audience when planning the gift you'll be awarding the contest winner. Make sure your prize is aligned with the needs of your unique clientele and social media following. After your prize is picked, it's essential to educate your following about it's worth. Promote the dollar value, practical use and potential rarity of your prize throughout your contest. The more attractive the prize, the greater the engagement you'll receive. 

Motivation to Tag Mates - the best things in life are shared: make your contest one of them! Make sure your contest is truly social by offering an incentive for entrants to share your salon's contest with their mates. Consider offering your followers additional entries for tagging their mates and sharing the contest on their own accounts. Encourage entrants to take part in your contest promotion by spreading the word to their personal social media following.

Take the leap today and try out one of these salon social media contests to boost your beauty business!