Time away from work is precious. It's a chance to unwind, catch up on sleep and rest your busy brain. However, time off over the holidays can easily shift from bliss to chaos. From hosting dinners to visiting family, your silly season can quickly become as packed as your regular work week. How do you make sure your time off actually feels like a bit of a break?

This week on the Beauty Lab blog we've got a few helpful tips to turn your holiday season into the relaxing break you deserve. 

Make Moves

As a busy beauty professional, you probably spend heaps of time on your feet. The holidays arrive and you continue to run around like crazy. There's shopping to do, family to see and parties to attend. It can be tempting to spend every free moment you have parked on the couch. However, staying active can make a huge difference when it comes to keeping stress at bay. A little exercise goes a long way for mood, patience and overall happiness. Whether it's a short walk or full-on sweat session, the exercise endorphins will help you feel refreshed and recharged. 

Put Your Best Face Forward 

From work parties to NYE, the silly season offers no shortage of occasions to don a full face of glamorous makeup. It's important to counterbalance your holiday makeup routine by prioritizing skincare. Our first must-have product to keep your skin fresh is Bioderma's Micellar Water. This moisturising makeup remover effectively cleans skin while helping hydrate and restore radiance. Grab a mini Micellar Water to toss on your purse for an easy post-party refresh.

When you have the chance to stay in for the night, treat yourself to some skin TLC. With nourishing ingredients including green tea extract, olive oil and activated charcoal, BeautyPro's professional face masks are built to restore radiance and refresh stressed out skin. These award-winning treatments come in convenient single-use packs, perfect for last-minute gifts!  

Use Scent Therapy

Never underestimate the power of a beautiful scent! Over the last few years, aromatherapy has gained heaps of popularity. Throughout the professional beauty industry, it's common knowledge that scent can completely transform a spa experience. From massage oils to candles, aestheticians often leverage the power of aromatherapy to create a calming environment for their clients. Don't forget to do yourself the same favour at home! Stock up on a few candles in calming scents such as lavender, vanilla or jasmine. To keep a bit of calm on the go, opt for a body lotion with one of these soothing scents. Lycon's Lavender and Chamomile Lotion is one of our staple products for soft skin and a soothing scent. 

Schedule Less 

Be your own best boss and schedule your time kindly. Of course, family and friends are important but make sure you keep your health a priority. Be mindful of overbooking yourself and prioritize the plans you actually need to make. The more downtime you can save yourself, the better off you'll be when it comes time to get back to the work grind. 

Be kind to your mind! Follow our tips to feel relaxed and radiant throughout your holiday break. Happy Holidays - LB