Hair feeling fine? Not not the good kind of fine. More like the kind of "fine" you reply with when your bf asks what you make of him missing date night to go out with his mates yet again. *sigh* AKA....the kind of fine which is completely not fine.  

Fine and thinning hair, in both men and women, is common. With age, our hair naturally loses a bunch of the body it was blessed with during our teens. However, hair that suddenly becomes fine and lifeless can be stressful. Know what stress leads to? Even thinner hair. Before you implode, rest assured, there are ways to remedy this situation. While we don't have any doctors on staff at Le Beauty, we do have a well-educated team of beauty pro's with a few tricks up our sleeve to make your fine hair appear bigger and better. Shall we continue?


The right shampoo (and conditioner!) can make a serious difference by bringing life back to limp hair. Fine or thin hair can easily become weighed down when using the wrong products. Give your thin hair the boost it needs by using one of these shampoos specifically designed for fine locks.

RPR My Thicker Fuller Stronger Shampoo: The name says it all. Target the three traits you need the most: thicker, fuller and stronger. This clarifying shampoo from RPR helps to remove impurities to prevent fine hair from feeling heavy and drab. 

Matrix Biolage VolumeBloom Shampoo: Fine hair can be tough to style, especially with the wrong shampoo. Matrix's VolumeBloom is one of the best in the business for plumping up thin hair while adding shine and moisture. 

Matrix Total Results High Amplify Shampoo: Find the full-bodied style you seek with Matrix's High Amplify shampoo. For up to 24 hours, this volumising shampoo elevates fine hair for noticeably thicker-looking styles.

OSMO Extreme Volume Shampoo: Suitable for limp and lifeless hair, OSMO'svolumising shampoo has your hair goals in mind. Starting from the scalp, this shampoo works to keep your hair healthy while adding a boost to fine hair. 




Popularised by surfer chicks, Victoria's Secret Models and many top celebs, the tousled wave is a great look to add a little life to limp locks.

You might have looked at this style and thought it was better left to thick-haired chicks. Think again! To recreate this look simply create large waves, then comb them out lightly to create the illusion of fullness. We recommend using ghd's Wave Wand for the perfect loose curls you crave!

Pro Tip: Lock those waves in with a loose hold spray, for flexible all-day wear! 


Ever since the term was coined, blowouts have been synonymous with volume. Thin fine hair always looks lifted after being treated to a proper blowout. No need to hit the salon for this volume-boosting style! Get a salon-quality blow-dry without leaving your home. Bouncy locks are easy to style yourself when you’ve got the right tools to hand. Start by creating height at the crown of your hair using a large-barrel round brush, beginning as close to the roots as possible.

The best tool for the task? We recommend the ghd Air Professional Hair Dryer!

Pro Tip: Apply ghd heat protect spray to your tresses before blow-drying to prevent heat damage!


A romantic style with the power to pump up thin hair, we love this loose curly look! Adding texture is a great way to build body in fine hair. Choose your desired style of curl, and sweep the hair into a laidback bun. Complete the look by loosening a few pieces at the front of your face for a gorgeous framing effect.

Pro Tip: Create plenty of movement by using the ghd Platinum Plus Styler, gently pulling it through sections of the hair to form curls. 


Matrix Height Riser Volumizing Powder:

Think of this product like dry shampoo, but with bonus bounce! This lightweight powder lifts hair for added volume that actually lasts. Focus your application on the roots to help your fine hair reach new heights!

Matrix Total Results High Amplify Hairspray: After you've found your dream shampoo and your new favourite hairstyle, don't you dare let it fall! This volumising hairspray helps you lock in your newly lifted style. Say goodbye to flat hair! 

OSMO Extreme Volume Hair Root Lifter: When it comes to volume, you'd best start at the source! Simply spray on OSMO's Extreme root lifter to score a serious lift and set the rest of your style up for success. 

OSMO Extreme Volume Thickening Creme: To add more life throughout your fine hair, apply OSMO's thickening creme all over. Without weighing down thin hair, this volumising creme adds bounce and lift to give the illusion of bigger bolder locks.