"That looks great, did you do that yourself?" - six words that all your clients love to hear. 

Whether it's a fresh cut, crave-worthy colour or gorgeous blowout,it's no secret that women (and men!) are keen to score the salon-fresh look every day of the week. With that in mind, it's important to set your salon up for success by stocking the right retail products and knowing how to promote them! Read on to learn how to reap the rewards of retail and boost retail sales in your salon.

Let's Chat About:

- How to choose the best products to stock in your salon

- How to develop a retail strategy

- Why you should work with a wholesaler

What Should You Sell in Your Salon? 

Stocking the right products in your salon can make the difference between benefiting and burdening your bottom line. After a great service, many clients turn to their beauty therapist for product recommendations. Rather than just telling them, show your clients directly by keeping the right products on your shelves. 

Top Retail Products for Hair Salons 

Daily Maintenance: "How can I make my hair look like this every day?" Does that question sound familiar? Help your clients keep their hair looking swoon-worthy from the comfort of home. Stock a variety of daily maintenance professional hair care to suit your clients' hair type. Upselling with a professional shampoo and conditioner also acts as insurance to make sure your clients' hair stays strong and healthy in between appointments. 

We recommend Matrix Biolage products for salon retail.  With a wide variety of products to suit any hair type and concern, Matrix's Biolage retail range offers the benefit of brand recognition, diversity and professional results.

Deep Repair & Protection 

Just finished a mega bleach job? Send your client home with the right products to give their locks some serious TLC. Upgrading the integrity of your client's hair in between appointments is a win-win for you both. We suggest stocking a complete hair colour bond system to maintain hair integrity before, during and after colouring. Colour bond systems like HiLift Cureplex Bond Creator and Matrix Bond Ultim8 Bond Protecting System begin by preventing breakage during the colouring process and deeply nourish hair at-home during aftercare. 

For clients who need a serious hair makeover, make sure to keep a selection of high-quality professional hair masks on your shelves. Help your clients restore silky smooth texture to their processed hair with a nourishing mask. One of our all-time favourites for any hair type is Theorie Argan Oil Ultimate Reform Hair Mask. This powerful mask is retail ready, available in individual packs for convenient upsells. This salon quality hair mask helps to re-hydrate thirsty ends and prevent further hair stress. 

Heat Styling Tools 

Some say a face without lipstick is like an unfinished painting. We think the same about hair and heat-styling! While nothing beats a salon blowout & style, you ought to help your clients get close! Our favourite heat styling tools for salon use and retail come from GHD. The key to a good hair day every day, GHD professional styling tools are prepared to make any hair dreams come true. From tight curls to loose waves or pin-straight locks, GHD stylers deliver professional performance in and out of the salon. 

Stock a combination of daily maintenance and deep repair products to suit a wide range of client hair types and concerns. Supply professional quality heat styling tools to help your clients score their perfect curls or pin-straight locks at home. 

How to Strategize Your Retail Sales 

Observe & Understand Your Clients Needs

The key to successful retail sales is to find and solve the needs of your clients. In the beauty business, clients often come to salons with a specific hair ailment in tow. Pay attention to the most common concerns of your clients and plan your retail catalogue accordingly. For example, if you specialize in blondes, highlights or balayage, make sure you keep an ample supply of purple toning shampoo on-hand. Give your blonde clients the anti-brass hair insurance they deserve by stocking purple-tinted shampoo in your salon.

The Benefits of Choosing a Beauty Wholesaler

Quick Turnaround, Professionalism & Product Support

Working with a beauty wholesaler is the best way to guarantee your salon shelves never run dry. Not only do wholesalers allow you to shop a diverse range of products in one spot, but they also allow you to order small quantities rather than commit to massive initial orders.

Relying on a beauty wholesaler not only benefits your inventory but also fosters a connection with other industry professionals who can offer support, troubleshooting and product knowledge. 

At Le Beauty, we pride ourselves on stocking the best professional hair brands in the industry. We provide the flexibility of making small orders with free shipping and fast delivery. Shop our full selection of salon quality hair products today to begin maximizing your retail profit