While skin cancer remains one of the most common cancer in Australia, public perception of sun safety is improving rapidly. Gone are the days of full-day outdoor body-baking sessions. For a year-round beautiful bronze, more Australians than ever are opting for professional spray tans to satisfy their skin goals. According to Transparency Market Research, the global sunless tanning industry is booming, with continued growth in the forecast. Make sure you're prepped to meet the demand, by taking a professional spray tanning course with Le Beauty. 

Whether you're just beginning your career or looking to advance your knowledge, professional spray tan training can help you stay competitive in Melbourne's booming sunless tanning industry.

At Le Beauty we stock the best professional tanning brands in the industry. With high-quality ingredients, our diverse inventory of spray tan solution can help you deliver a world-class bronze to your clients. However, to get the best results out of any brand, you'll need proper product application knowledge. With the help of our world-class trainers, we proudly offer three brand-certified spray tan courses. Read on to find the perfect training course for your business. 

Bondi Sands Professional Spray Tan Course

The true Australian tan inspired by Sydney's Bondi Beach. In just 2-3 hours you'll learn to deliver a professional spray tan using Australia's most popular tanning brand. Our Bondi Sands training course can be completed in a 1-on-1 with our educators or you can bring a friend/colleague to complete the course with you. 

Course Length: 2-3hrs 

Course Kit: Includes Bondi Sands Solution 500ml (Light/Medium)

Prerequisite: None

Model: Required – 1-2 models

MoroccanTan Professional Spray Tan Course 

MoroccanTan products were created with priorities beyond simply going bronze. This conscious company also prioritizes ethically sourced ingredients - opting for organic options whenever possible. Whether you're already familiar with the brand or looking to switch to a solution with an ethical ethos, we offer brand certified training to teach you the ins and outs of MoroccanTan. 

Course Length: 2-3hrs 

Course Kit: Includes MoroccanTan Retail Goodie Bag (valued at $75), certificate and a discount off your first solution purchase at Le Beauty. 

Prerequisite: None

Model: Required – 1-2 model

St.Tropez Professional Spray Tan Course 

A brand with international reach, St.Tropez has carved out a top spot in Australia's best spray tanning salons. With solutions to suit any skin tone, we offer thorough training to help you master your application of St.Tropez professional spray tan solutions. Our one-day course sets the tone to help you deliver the perfect bronze to match any client's skin tone and tanning preference. 

Course Length: 2-3 hours.

Course Kit: Includes a certificate and a discount off your first solution purchase at Le Beauty.

Prerequisite: None.

Model: Required – 1-2 models.

Whichever brand you choose to train with, you can be sure you'll leave your spray tan course with the skills and confidence needed to deliver a premium professional spray tan. Visit our beauty training section to learn more about our available courses and to register for our next Melbourne professional spray tan course!