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  1. Back to Beauty: How to Return to the Industry

    Breaking into the beauty industry takes passion and persistence. Getting back into beauty after an extended break can be even more challenging. 

    If you've had a taste of working in the industry, you know how rewarding it can be. A career making people feel their best is something to cherish. Whether you've got a passion for nails, hair or makeup artistry, its important to keep up your craft to stay employable. A maternity leave or extended time-away can make it seem intimidating to start your career again. However, with the right research, practice and approach it can be a breeze to jump back into the field you love.

    Here's our best advice for getting back to the beauty industry!

    Do Your Research

    The beauty industry is constantly evolving. With new nail and beauty technologies always emerging its important to do your research and find out what's changed since your career break. Get online and read through a few beauty blogs and magazines. Reach out to your old work connections and invite them to have a chat. Networking with your past co-workers is a great way to catch-up on the trends and techniques you've missed out on.

    Find a Mentor

    Much like the very beginning of your career, finding a mentor to guide your work can make your career transition smooth sailing! Maybe there's a local salon owner you've always admired or a nail technician who's Instagram you drool over; reach out to your inspiration and ask for a little guidance! Most beauticians would be flattered by the shoutout and happy to help! If you're looking for hands on help, why not sign up for a course! You can ask your mentor for advice on courses they may have taken in the past or classes they've had their eye on.

    Hearing from someone who'se at the forefrunt of the industry will assure you that you're taking on the right training!

    If you're ready to take on training, we offer a variety of classes that cover a wide range of skills. Check out our beauty courses today!

    Brush Up at Home

    Once you've had a chance to get some guidance, take your time and get your homework done! The best courses offer the most benefit only once put into practice.Stock up on high quality nail products, makeup, waxing or lash & brow supplies to practice your handywork at home! Getting back into the industry requires some serious time and effort. Not only will you be able to ace your interview, you'll feel confident around clients knowing you've practiced to your full potential! 

    Practice Your Patience

    Now that you've brushed up on your skills, it's time to start applying! Have a look at the salons, businesses and opportunities in your area. Reach out to potential employers and express your keen interest in transitioning back to work under their guidance. Keep in mind, finding work again may require some patience. A career gap can happen for many reasons, however it usually means your job hunt takes a little longer.

    Don't let the delay drag you down! Trust that your perfect job is out there and continue hunting with confidence.

    After all, they say confidence is the best accessory you can wear!

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  2. Meet the New Members of the Glamcor Family: Introducing Riki Tall & Cutie!

    There's no denying that Glamcor has changed the game when it comes to vanity lighting. Their professional lighting can be seen in some of the top salons and home studios across Australia. Their flexible LED lighting and stunning studio sized mirrors are an absolute treat to work with. Glamcor continued their glam slam with the launch of the Riki retail line. Riki's first edition (the Skinny) has become one of our best sellers! The original Riki became Insta famous for her brilliant Bluetooth selfie function and ultra-flattering daylight settings. She became the bestie of many bloggers, YouTuber's and influencers around the world.

    The time has come for Riki to share her spotlight. Introducing two new counterparts to Riki's Glam squad - Say hello to the Riki Cutie and Tall! 

    Think of these products like Riki's new big sister and mini-me! They offer all of the family resemblance with the addition of their own unique traits and benefits! Expanding the family means that there's a Riki for every generations need. For professional lash and brow techs or beautician babes, the Riki Tall takes your workstation to the next level! If you're always chasing glam on the go, the mini Riki Cutie is your perfect companion! 

    Riki Tall

    Let's start with Riki's long and lean big sis. The brand new tall edition takes your glam station a step further with her longer body and full-sized lighting spectrum!

    She towers a whopping 40cm over the original Riki and offers 28cm extra width. All of this extra height means you've got even more space to make makeup magic! We love the tall because it's a fantastic professional upgrade. Lighting up more of your space means you can make sure you're always rocking your best work! 

    Just like her original inspiration, the Riki tall features lust-worthy LED lighting. With five custom dimming settings, she can be set up in any studio and still make makeup magic. With just the touch of a finger you can adapt the lighting panel to mimic daylight, whether you're working in darker conditions or battling to balance fluorescents. 

    Rest assured, Riki's big sis is not nearly old enough to forget about taking selfies! This new modelesque mirror is fully Bluetooth enabled so you can attach your smartphone and snap away! Bigger & brighter! Riki's big sis is the professional product you've been waiting for.

    Take your love for Riki up a notch with this full-sized salon quality vanity mirror! 

    Riki Cutie

    Get ready for your new crush-worthy accessory! Riki's baby sis has got adorable written all over her. This amazingly practical mirror is perfect for staying glam on the go. This pocket sized pal is the size of a smart phone, meaning she's sleek, slim and even more portable than the original Riki Sklnny! 

    Already making waves on Insta, the Cutie might be small but she's still Riki-style mighty! With three dimming settings and shater-proof glass the Cutie is adaptable to any setting and keeps her cool in purses or bags while nestled into her soft-carrying sleeve. The Cutie also features a convenient finger ring for ultimate flexibility when applying makeup. She also has a handy leg stand which lets you set up your perfect lighting on any table! You'll never be caught anywhere without your perfect light thanks to Riki's portability.

    It's easy to see where this pocket pal got her name. There's no denying the cuteness of the mini Riki! Perfect for glam on the go, the Cutie is sure to be a  gamechanger in your beauty routine! 

    Talk about a family affair! Shop this dynamic trio today to complete your perfect glam squad! 

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  3. Supremely Social: How to Post the Best Content to Showcase Your Work!

    Gone are the days of flipping through phonebooks and classifieds. When it comes to finding a new nail tech, hair stylist or lash master, millennial consumers are all about the visuals!
    The modern day beauty queen likes to see what they’re going to get before they get it! They like to make sure they’ll love the results before they commit! 

    So, how do you make millennial consumerism work in your favour? Get social! 

    Personally, I can’t think of a time in the last 3 years where I booked an appointment ANYWHERE without first scoping their social media. Even if a friend recommends a hairstylist, I ALWAYS check their Instagram before taking the plunge. Why? The beauty industry is supremely visual, not to mention competitive! The best way to get your services seen is to take to social media! Make sure your social media is on point in order to gain new clients and keep your remaining customers coming back! 

    Post With Purpose

    Be it Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or alike, it’s important you’re active and aware of what content to post! In the early days of Insta, many beauticians made the point of posting for the sake of posting; sharing content that wasn’t curated with purpose, assuming this was better than nothing. It’s important to stay true to your brand and ALWAYS post your best content! Our reccomendaation would be to start a posting schedule for your business and stick to it! Posting about 3-4 times a week is a good balance between staying fresh on your followers feeds without bombarding them! 
    Be selective about your content by beginning an image bank for yourself ahead of time. Having content ready to go means you won't fall victim to posting on impulse or running out of content to promote! 

    Light it Right 

    Much like a successful selfie, great beauty content starts with great light! Lash and brow artistry is the perfect example!

    Using natural lighting to your advantage is a huge help in highlighting your work. The ideal light strikes in mid-morning, but of course it's not always possible to capture your work at that time! If you're finishing up a client late in the day or in the evening it's important to use the highest quality synthetic lighting to mimic natural light!

    Checkout the image on the right from our in-house trainer Anh. Direct bright lighting like Anh used allows you to showoff the seperation between lashes and highlights the gorgeous length achieved! To copy this look try out an amazing adjustable LED light from Glamcor Professional! 
    The image on the left, from Glamcor, shows off the key feature of this pro lighting. Glamcor lights are amazingly flexible and can be customized to illuminate both sides of the clients face, even in small work spaces!

    Go the Distance

    Whether you're using a smartphone or digital camera, make sure you capture your work from the right distance! You want to aim for at least 10 inches away from your clients' face to keep the correct focus without causing blur or distortion. Adding a bit of distance is also a great way to highlight multiple services such as brows and lashes all at once!

    Value Video

    Get in motion to get the best angles and show off the full spectrum of your work! We absolutely reccommend trying your hand at video content to switch up your socials! 
    Video content is especially practical for posting fresh hair colours and cuts. Static photos don't often capture the full spectrum of colour and texture! A beautiful balayage looks even better in a quick video that captures all of its stunning shades and tones! We recommend buddying up with the Boomerang app! This easy to use app lets you capture cute mini videos that loop back and forth for perfect action shots!
    Keep in mind your options for angles when shooting video! Overhead shots are fantastic for lash extensions as they create a natural depth of field to showcase the lash length. Shooting from overhead also creates a flattering angle to slim your clients nose and highlight their lash & brow area. For full makeup looks or hair content, opt for a more head-on angle to let your work do the talking! 
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  4. Battle of the Brows: What You Need to Know about Henna Dye VS. Tinting

     Victoria Maybee 

    Until recently, the henna plant was best known for the beautiful body art it produced. This skin staining plant dye has long been used in parts of India, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe to create floral body art and decorative facial makeup.

    Henna first worked its way into Western culture as a natural alternative to synthetic hair dyes. Pregnant women and those looking for more wholesome ingredients have started turning to henna to darken hair without the harsh ingredients of salon dyes. Most recently, henna has combined it's skin staining and hair dying properties for the benefit of brows! 

    If you offer brow tinting services, there's a good chance henna dye has found it's way into your practice! Not only do clients love its natural properties, its also got serious staying power! Henna dye lasts noticeably longer than traditional tinting, while staining the skin below the hair for added drama and fullness. 

    If you're new to henna dye or a bit unsure about how to promote it, look no further! Here's everything you need to know about henna brows compared to traditonal tinting. 

    Proof in Popularity

    Henna is currently trending for a reason! Many women want the look of full brows that microblading can offer, but don't want the pricetag or commitment of a full cosmetic procedure. Henna is a beautiful compromise - it creates the illusion of fuller brows by staining the skin, much in the same way microblading creates the appearance of extra brow hair. 

    Another reason clients adore henna is its ability to last longer than traditional tint! With proper application and aftercare, henna should last upwards of a month! Compared to traditional tinting which 

    One of our most popular brands, Elleebana recently launched a stunning collection of henna dyes! Their highly pigmented dyes deliver a attoo effect that lasts up to 6 weeks - that's some serious staying power! Get yours today! 

    Throw the Right Shade

    With colour that lasts a month or more, making sure your client gets the shade they crave is essential! With that in mind, henna offers another major selling point! If you client is inbetween shades or wants to mix tones, you're welcome to combine colours! Achieve the perfect medium brown or amber tone by mixing two or more colours into a custom blend! Many ranges of henna offer enough colours to cover the bases from blonde to black, however to get the most precise colour match, mixing is a great option! 

    The Art of Application

    Henna has a higher staining power than traditional tinting, making it important to master a clean application! To get the best results, it's important to make sure the brow area is properly prepped. We recommend rocking a great brow shampoo and exfoliant. This will cleanse off any oils or dead skin cells that could interferew with the dyes adherance to hair and skin. Next, make sure you have the right applicator tools to help you achieve the perfect arch. Using a fine cosmetic brush or doe tipped applicator makes it easy to keep dye contained to the exact brow shape your client desires. If you do have any mistakes or stray dye, quickly correct it using a small amount of remover on a new applicator.

    Consider the Cons

    Of course, like any new cosmetic technique, there are a few cons to have your clients consider. First, the familiarity of tinting may make it the better choice for certain clients. A simple brow tint is quick and virtually commitment free. This low cost technique is wallet friendly and still offers great colour for those looking for a quick and easy brow enhancement! It's also possible that your client may not actually need the skin staining properties offered by henna! For ladies with naturally thick brows looking to keep the colour but minimize volume, henna may not be the best choice! The tattoo effect delivered by henna dye is perfect for adding the illusion of thickness, and may overpower ladies with naturally lush brows! 

    Overall, we're huge fans of the henna brow trend! It takes tinting up a notch by adding a tattoo effect and longer lasting skin stain!

    Suggest henna for your clients if they're looking to create fullness and stretch out their visits a little longer while keeping their brows game stronger than ever! 

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  5. Barber Edit: How to Communicate with Clients to get the Cut they Really Want!

    "I want it short, but not too short, kind of round, a little funky. Make sense?" 

    We've all been there - face to face with a client who knows exactly what they want and expects you magically to do the same!
    Much like a romantic relationship, communication between stylist and client is key - men's hair cuts are the prime example!
    With such a wide variety of trending cuts, tapers and flares, it's important that you talk the talk to get your clients a look they actually want to rock. 

    Let's break down those communication barriers to help you score happy clients and stay a cut above your competition.

    A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

    A technique many women use to show their stylist the colour they want; encourage men to get visual! Chances are, whether it was on a celebrity or a buddy of theirs, your client has probably seen the cut they want. If you're having a hard time guessing what look they're getting at, save yourself some trouble by asking if they have a photo or celebrity cut in mind that you can channel! This sets you both up for success and opens the door for better communication! 

    Listen and Lead

    If your client doesn't have a photo and can't think of a good celebrity example, use a process of elimination! They may not know the correct terms to use, which means you'll have to break it down to determine the look they're after! Use your knowledge of men's cuts to your advantage! Lead the conversation by taking the time to explain a couple terms and finding out if that's the style they seek. For example, teach your client about the difference between tapering and fading to assure you don't cut into a fade when they were simply after a tapererd look! 

    Get Picky on Perspective 

    Once you've sorted out what style your client is into, get particular about their perspective on length! Use hand measurements to demonstrate what a 3mm cut looks like. Work your way up to help them visualize what length they want on the sides, top and neckline. If your client is looking for a longer cut, make sure you ask them about texture. This will help you determine which tools you should use. For example, if your client uses the words "choppy" or "layered" to describe their ideal look,you know not to jump straight in with a close-cutting clipper! Don't just ask about the top and sides, make sure to suss out the sideburns as well! Use "top of the ear," "middle ear" and "bottom of the ear" to find out what they have in mind.

    Pro tip: Length is always the most troublesome part of trimming. Whether for men's cuts or women's it's wise to err on the side of caution!
    Your client can always speak up and ask you to "take a little more off the top", but they certainly can't ask you to rewind!

    Push a Pattern

    By this point, you and your client are probably chatting like old friends! Why not see if they want to finish their cut with a popular pattern!

    No need to go as bold as the brave gentlemen on the right, but a little pattern can add huge personality!

    If your client is keen, you'll need to use the right tools to deliver the detail you offered! Make Wahl's Professional Detailer T-Wide Trimmer your weapon of choice! This top-of-the-line trimmer is a variation of the original detailer, now with a wide 38mm blade. From simple line work to funky feathers, this is the perfect partner in crime to help you deliver your absolute best! 

    Check the Neck

    Once you've got the top, texture, sideburns and pattern sorted, it's time to tie it all together with the neck! Make sure you check with your client to find out what kind of neckline they'd like!

    Here's a few suggestions if they don't know what to say! 

    PC:, Blocked, rounded and tapered necklines (left to right) 

    Blocked neckline

    This option is great for every guy chasing a clean tidy style. It's a flattering look that creates an elongating effect on the neck.
    Let your client know that it may however require frequent touch-ups and maintenance to stay sharp. 

    Rounded neckline

    A variation of the blocked neckline, the rounded option simply cuts the corners in a less sharp shape. The rounded corners are a bit easier to maintain if your client doesn't want to commit to the blocked neckline. 

    Tapered Neckline

    This look requires the least maintenance and is the most forgiving as your clients natural hair grows back in. The tapered look follows the natural neckline and gets shorter towards the back of the head. This is the safest pick if your client doesn't offer you a preference! 

    Once you've got the communication covered, make sure you've got all the tools you need! Shop our full range of clippers and trimmers for close cuts and perfectly styled stubble! 

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  6. FAQ: Choosing the Best Products for French Ombré Nails!

    Much like Keratin, ombré used to be a term solely for hair colour.

    Nowadays this beauty buzz word has made it's way into the nail industry. Ombré nails are a trend we absolutely adore!

    The most sophisticated blend on the market - french ombré is an amazing twist on a traditional french manicure! Lately we've had heaps of messages about ombre nails! We've taken the hint and put together a list of the best products for achieving flawless French Ombré nails!


    One of the most amazing ways to achieve a smooth and subtle french ombré is with the amazing Polygel! If you're not already offering PolyGel services to your clients, you're in for a treat! PolyGel is an amazing hybrid formula that combines all the benefits of acrylic and hard gel.Po

    PolyGel is built for blending, making it an amazing option for ombre nails! To achieve the best french blend, opt for a soft pink combined with bright white! 

    You'll need:

    Gelish PolyGel Bright White Opaque
    Gelish PolyGel Cover Pink
    Gelish PolyGel Light Pink
    Gelish PolyGel Slice & Shape Tool 
    Gelish PolyGel Nail Liquid - Slip Solution

    According to our awesome trainer Anh, the best way to achieve an ombré with Polygel is to start with bright white at the tips, cover pink throughout the middle of the nail. Finish by applying light pink over top of the entire nail bed in order to marry the colours together in a smooth transition. 

    Check out this gorgeous french ombré look created by Anh! The perfect soft blend for flawless wedding nails!

    Gel Polish, Shellac & Traditional Polish

    For those who prefer to stick with a more traditional technique, we've got a great hack to help you achieve a seamless ombré look!

    Once you've chosen your french shades, you'll want to enlist the help of a latex sponge to achieve a soft blend between your white and pink polishes. Begin with the light pink and apply one coat to your entire nail bed. Next, use a plastic sheet to blend both colours of polish. Simply paint on a small amount of each, making sure the two colours are very close together, almost overlapping, Using a toothpick, swirl the two colours in the middle to create a blended strip of pink and white. Next, take your sponge and dab it directly over the nail polish a couple times to pick up the blended colour gradient. Finish by dabbing the sponge directly on your nail, moving it up and down a few times to transfer the polish. 

    Here are some of our favourite shades to achieve your perfect look!

    Gel Polish:
    Gelish: Arctic Freeze & Taffeta
    CND: Negligee & Cream Puff
    O.P.I: Alpine Snow & Sweetheart
    Morgan Taylor: Sweet Surrender & My Main Freeze

    PC: Lulu's Blog 

    Acrylic Dip

    Our ombré nail system of choice, acrylic dip is our favourite way to achieve an awe-inspiring ombré! Use a small brush to help you apply the loose powder over the nail. The fine particles of acrylic dip make it easy to dust colour over the exact portion of the nail you'd like to cover.

    " Creating an ombré effect with a dipping powder if so easy and effortless. Another great thing to try is using eye shadow dust, such as the Runway Room loose dust, and using an eye shadow brush to lightly tap into tacky nail polish or the tacky layer of gel polish. I do a lot of ombré-ing that way!"

    - our GM / superhuman beauty expert Rachael

    Specific shades we reccomend: 

    Gelish Dip in Arctic Freeze (perfect for creating a crisp white for tradirtional french or a beautiful tip to blend into ombre.)
    Gelish Dip in Taffeta (a beautiful soft pink perfect for covering the nail bed in a french ombre look)
    Gelish Dip in Tutus & Tights (a sheer pink for a softer colour to cover the nail bed)
    Gelish Dip in Sheer & Silk (a cloudy semi-sheer glitter to add a bit of sparkle to your french look)

    We hope this helps clear up any ombré confusion and helps you achieve the perfect french look in your favourite nail system! 

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  7. Ride the Wave: How to Get Your Dream Hair With GHD!

    Ride the Wave: How to Get Your Dream Hair With GHD!

    I grew up resenting my hair. The genetic lottery bestowed upon me a full head of naturally frizzy hair. Rather than letting my mum torture out the tangles, I often let it knot up and shoved it in a bun to ignore it as best I could. To my juvenile eyes, the entire concept of curly hair seemed tedious and unneccesary.

    Who would've thought, years later, I'd be missing that same texture. Throughout my 20's the curls have slowly started to tame. As Murphy's Law would have it, the calmer my locks get, the more popular curls get! There's no denying that heat styling is a girls best friend. A powerful professional styler let's you go from straight to curly in the flick of a wrist! 

    This week on Beauty HQ we're highlighting one of the biggest power players on the market: The heavenly GHD! 

    GHD styler's unlock a Good Hair Day everytime. Whether you fancy loose mermaid locks or a curly textured updo - these tools will help you achieve it. Here's a few of our favourite trends and the tools you need to lock in these looks!

    50 Shades of Textured Braids 

    If you grew up with the polar opposite of my curly problem, you may have thought your straight hair couldn't hold a braid. Long-lasting braids and updo's often require a little texture to stay put. To get this bohemian-chic look, you'll want to style hair with either a wide-barelled curling iron or traditional GHD straighteners. The GHD V Gold Max Professional Hair Styler is a great option if you like a looser curl and the freedom to style thick or thin sections at a time. Opt for a wide-barelled curler like the GHD Soft Professional Curl Tong if you like a more substantial curl that still has a soft romantic look. 

    Pro Tip: If you need a bit more braid inspo, head to the GHD site for a step-by-step tutorial to getting a fab fishtail or double-decked out look!

    Mission to Mermaid 

    The epitome of our long haired dreams, mermaid hair is a mesmerizing style of waves! Whether you pump up the volume or keep it semi-soft and bouncy, a mermaid curl is a great look for you lucky long-haired girls! To get this look you'll need to enlist the help of the GHD Creative Curl Wand. The creative wand has an amazing tapered barrel which creates deep waves while keeping hair bouncy and lush! After you've created your curls, it's up to you whether you prefer to brush them out a bit or leave them locked and loaded! 

    See the step-by-step guide by GHD here!

    Hollywood Haute 

    A look that radiates so bright it deserves red carpet recognition! The old hollywood glamour is undeniable with this smooth and sultry wave. Nothing brings out a special event outfit better than this luxe look. To create this look in the comfort of home, go for the wonderful GHD Wave WandThe oval shaped barrel on this beauty allows you the flexibility to create glamorous movement in short or long locks. There's no crunchy or over-done curls coming out of this tool! 

    Get your full Hollywood help here!

    Straight and Narrow

    Last but not least, it wouldn't be right to leave out GHD's original claim to fame! The GHD stylers first became famous for their ability to lock in sleek, straight locks for hours on end. For curly girls looking to add length or long-haired ladies looking to further elongate, GHD offers you the perfect heat to stay neat! For ladies with thinner, fine hair, the GHD Gold Mini Styler might be exactly what you need! With smaller plates for more precision, this little guy is great for getting stray fly aways and perfecting pixie cuts. For girls with a fuller head of hair, you'll need a little more help from wider plates. Check out GHD's Gold Max Styler for thick plates that pack a powerful straightening punch! 

    Scope out the steps to get this sleek look here!

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  8. Get the gifts she really wants! Our Top 7 Gifts for Mother's Day!

     Victoria Maybee

    Mother's day is almost here, which means it's time to get your shopping sorted!

    There's no better gift than the precious gift of glam!

    While there's nothing wrong with a spa gift card or taking her to the salon, why not let Mum take beauty into her own hands this year!

    The great thing about getting mum some new polish or facial care products is that she can keep using them!

    Unlike a one-off trip to the spa, mum can use these products over and over again to keep sneaking some TLC time into her weekly routine.

    From face masks to hair helpers, we've got 7 great gifts to get her polished and pampered this mothers day!

    1) Morgan Taylor Polish Pack

    A great choice for Mum's who like a chic classy nail look! Our Morgan Taylor polish pack features 5 of the prettiest pinks and nicest nudes on the market!

    This pack is a great pick for Mum's who aren't crazy about colour and haven't yet tried gel or shellac.

    There's the perfect shade for any skin tone and weeks worth of colour variations for her to try. 

    Colours included: Mauve Your Feet,  In The Nude, Tan My Hide, Birthday Suit, My Main Freeze  

    2) Bioderma Skin Care 

    The first person who told you washing your face matters; mum got you started on skin care!

    Tested and loved by dermatologists around the world, France's beautiful Bioderma line is a skin saviour!

    Whether mum's got sensitive skin or trying to keep the signs of age away, Bioderma is about to become her new best friend!

    Start with their famous micelle makeup removing water! Available in original or Sensibio, this non-rinse makeup remover is non-greasy and super mild for mum's skin!

    Continue to build your gift pack with one of Bioderma's moisturising cleansers. Let her lock in that fresh face feeling with a non-greasy moisturiser.

    Mum will love this line so much she just might call you her skin expert from now on!  

    3) OPI Infinite Shine

    Odds are, Mum's no stranger to O.P.I. Maybe she's a fan herself or she's just used to seeing your collection clogging up the bathroom!

    We've made it easier than ever to treat mum to 5 beautiful shades from their infinite shine collection.

    Our red & pink roses pack features pairings of pastel pink and bold beautiful reds! 

    Colours Included: Color So Hot It Berns, Madam President, Not So Bora Bora-ing Pink, Patience Pays Off, Lisbon Wants Moor Opi. 

    4) Ardell Lashes 

    Our pick for all the glam mum's out there! Give her look a lift with a few sets of fab lashes from Ardell!

    Whether she'd prefer a natural look or something a little extra, Ardell lashes come in a variety of types and sizes.

    For a more muted natural look give mum a set of individual lashes. This pack will give her the freedom to apply as sparcely or lavishly as she likes!

    If mum is already a fan of big bold lashes, grab a full set of feathery strip lashes! 

    5) Theorie Hair Care 

    One of the most precious gifts of all, nothing makes a mum feel more beautiful than a good hair day!

    One of our favourite brands for natural and lxurious haircare, Theorie makes a great gift!

    Whether she neends a little TLC for colour treated hair, or an everyday shampoo, Theorie has the perfect product for every mum!

    If she needs a hand bringing life back to her blonde locks, try out one of our fan favourites, Purple Sage Brightening Shampoo.

    This silky smooth purple toned shampoo knocks out brass without causing further dryness or damage. For serious hair repair grab one of Theorie's super hydrating masks.

    For a great hair day every day, grab the nourishing Helichyrsum shampoo and conditioner power couple. Mum will love her new locks with your generous gift of Theorie! 

    6) BeautyPro Masks

    A fun line of face masks that you two can try out together. Our new line of BeautyPro masks tailors to any skin need your mum might have!

    Whether she's looking to fight under-eye bags or hydrate her hard-working hands, there's a mask for that!

    The most fun mask of all, don't miss out on gifting mum the Black Diamond peel-off mask. 

    This 20 minute treatment is the perfect product to do as a duo! The detoxifying formula goes on in this fun charcoal shade and peels off to reveal fab fresh skin!

    The perfect recipe for a spa day at home, check out all of BeautyPro's gift-worthy products now live on our site!

    7) GHD Styling Tools 

    Last but not least, keep her Theorie-induced good hair day going with none other than GHD! These styling tools are a staple in many Australian households.

    Whether mum loves a classy curl or sleek straight mane, GHD styling tools will help her lock in her look!

    We all know mum's never have enough time in the morning, so help her cut her drying time in half with a powerful high heat GHD dryer! 

    If she best suits a straight look, she'll love GHD's platinum styler; The perfect size for all hair types!

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  9. Pro Tips on Dips: How to Do a French Manicure with Acrylic Dip!

    A classic french manicure never goes out of style.

    No matter what the season or personal style, the french manicure will forever remain a client pleaser. Why not step up your game by offering french our favourite system of the moment?

    Today we're zooming in on an amazing power couple: french tips and acrylic dip!

    While you're probably already familiar with our amazing range of acrylic dipping powders, you may not yet have taken the plunge into french territory!

    Acryllic dip has become a staple for salon professionals and at home nail mavens. Dipping systems are loved for their long-lasting colour without the time consuming curing process of traditional acrylic.

    While it's easy to achieve a glitter, matte or shimmer colour coat, a french manicure with dip takes a trained hand like yours!

    With the help from our friends at O.P.I, we're breaking down the french manicure, dipping style!

    How to Apply the Perfect French Dip with OPI's Powder Perfection: 

    What you'll need: 

    BondAid PH Balancing Agent 
    Powder Perfection: Bubble Bath shade
    Powder Perfection: Alpine Snow shade 
    Powder Perfection: Clear Color Set Powder
    Powder Perfection: Activator Coat 
    -180 grit nail file 
    -180 grit nail buffer 
    - A french dip mould
    - Sanitary makeup brush

    Pro Deal: Get all of your french powders in one with the French intro kit!

    The Process:

    Prep Products & PH Balance
    - Prep the nails as usual, including filing, shaping and dehydrating the natural nail
    - Pour a small amount of the Bubble Bath shade into a small plastic cup
    - Next, pour the Alpine Snow powder into the dipping dish
    - Apply a single coat of BondAid to each clean, prepped nail, allowing time to dry.
    Build the Base & Use Your Powder Power
     - Next, apply a single coat of Base Coat to the first nail, ensuring the whole surface is covered
     - Create your first smile line by dipping the tip of the nail at a 45 degree angle into the dip dish (filled with Alpine Snow)
     - Tap of excess powder and immediately dip the entire nail into the pink Bubble Bath powder
     - Tap of excess powder and repeat on the remaining four nails of your clients first hand. (pro tip: only one nail at a time to make sure your base coat doesn't dry inbetween coats!)
     - When nails are dry to the touch, remove all remaining excess powder with a sanitary makeup brush
     - Repeat the process on each nail to create a second layer of both white and pink coats
    Set for Success & Activate Away
    - Apply another layer of Base Coat, one nail at a time, and immediately dip into OPI's Clear Color Set Powder at a 45 degree angle
    - Tap off excess using makeup brush and apply one coat of Activator Coat to each nail, allow 1-2 minutes to dry
    - While the activator coat dries, repeat the process on the client's other hand
    - When activator is completely dry, contour the nail edges using a 180 file and buff with a 180 buffer. Use a higher grit buffer to smooth the surface if needed.
    - Remove excess dust with cosmetic brush and apply a second coat of Activator Coat to all five nails and allow 1-2 minutes to dry. File and buff the other hand while waiting.
    Top it Off 
    - Apply two coats of Top Coat to each nail, allowing 1-2 minutes drying time
    - Repeat application on the other hand
    Et voila! Your professional french dipped manicure is complete. Don't hesitate to practice your smile lines, and make sure you're using the best tools for the best results! 
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  10. Why Gel Manicures are NOT a Cancer Risk

    In light of recent news reports, you may have been approached by clients wary of a potential cancer risk associated with gel manicures. In response to a new study, many are pointing a finger at UV nail lamps as a cancer-causing device. With over 30 years of safe, popular and common use in salon environments; we're taking the time to bust this myth immediately.

    Gel manicures do NOT cause cancer. In fact, evidence shows it would take over 25 minutes of DAILY nail lamp use to cause significant cancer risk! The Skin Cancer Foundation's official position on UV nail lamps declares that they do not present nearly the same risk as commercial tanning beds.  

    Recent reports claim that the UV light used to cure gel and shellac manicures emits enough concentrated light to cause serious skin damage. Comparing the lamps to tanning beds, multiple headlines have advised salon-goers to wear sunscreen during their nail services. 

    This is quite simply not true and not necessary. We invite you to read through the science of UV lamps, to empower your clients to trust fact over fiction. 

    The Claims

    A study from the University Hospital Galaway in Ireland has been making headlines, claiming that the low level UV in nail lamps can heavy deadly consequences.

    The study in question, published in the Australasian Journal of Dermatology, focuses on the fact that nail lamps share a similarity with tanning beds; they both channel streams of UVA light. While it's true that high dose exposure to these waves will increase your cancer risk, the dosage is crucial.

    In the discussion, this study acknowledges one of the reasons the public perception of nail lamps is blurry to say the least. There has not been a significant body of research collected for random sampling on nail lamps in commercial salons. As such, there are nobaselines in place to determine what qualifies as the "standard" level of UVA light emitted by nail lamps. This study also does not account for prior sun-exposure of participants.

    To dispel this theoretical evidence, let's break down the technology itself. 

    The Facts

    Let's start with the science of UV nail lamps. There are two styles on the market: traditional and LED. Traditional lamps use "fluorescent tubes," while newer LED style UV nail lamps use "Light Emitting Diodes." LED lights are a more recent technology and emit a more concentrated stream of light to target only the nail surface. However, both varieties harness the same ultra-violet technology to cure gel and shellac polish.

    The UV light used to cure polish contains only a dismal fraction of the wavelengths found in natural sunlight. Ultra-violet light can be divided into three categories: UVA, UVB and UVC. Manicure lamps are specifically formulated to emit UVA light, little to no UVB light and absolutely zero UVC rays. Gel polish is also designed to polymerize using only a small fraction of UVA light. This means that curing does not require a large quantity of full spectrum UV. The UV light used to cure polish contains only a dismal fraction of the wavelengths found in natural sunlight.

    Brief, infrequent and low-level exposure to calculated UVA light (as used in nail services) is safe. In 2014 a study published in JAMA Dermatology argued that the level of UVA exposure associated with bi-weekly manicures isn't likely to cause any significant increase in your risk of skin cancer.ed to polymerize using only a small fraction of UVA light. This means that curing does not require a large quantity of full spectrum UV.

    Now that you know the science behind modern nail lamps, let's take a look at the most common questions you might be getting. Communicating the clear facts to your clients is the best way to assure they don't fear their favourite manicure!

    How to respond to the most common questions clients may raise

    1) Why are nail lamps safe? Isn't it the same UV light as a tanning bed?

    Commercial sunbeds are dangerous. They have been proven to emit a harmful level of UV light and should be completely avoided. Many countries around the world, including Australia, have completely banned commercial tanning beds. The Skin Cancer Foundation formally acknowledges that tanning beds offer significantly higher risk than UV nail lamps. 

    The research behind tanning bed UV light is well documented and consistent. UV nail lamps on the other hand have not been studied in the same controlled, long-term sampling form. Many of the claims against nail lamps are based on anecdotal evidence. The quantity of UVA waves emitted by a nail lamp are nowhere near what is required to tan the skin. The exposure to your nails is low-dose and low risk. 

    2) What about the new studies and statements from doctors about nail lamps?

    Reading beyond the headlines is essential in stories such as this. Many of the recent news reports are lacking hard facts or qualitative science to back up their concern. The stories in question are focused around public perception and the general lack of sunscreen use under nail lamps. These news articles fail to give specifics about the brand, exposure level or study size. It is therefore hard to consider these stories as credible or factual. 

    3) How much exposure to nail lamps would it take to be harmful?

    According to a comprehensive 2013 study,  it would take over 25 minutes of daily nail lamp exposure to exceed safe levels of UVA exposure. As most clients are going to the salon bi-weekly at most,  exceeding this range would be extremely unlikely. The study tested six major brands of nail lamps and found that all brands emitted below what should be considered hazardous UVA amounts. The study determined that the risk factor for developing melanoma from nail lamps is 11-46 times less than naturally occurring afternoon sun exposure.  

    4) Do I need to wear sunscreen before a gel or shellac manicure?

    This decision is ultimately at the discretion of your client. Sunscreen is not harmful to the skin and if your client feels more comfortable wearing it before their service, they should! Wearing sunscreen on any exposed skin is never a bad idea, especially in Australia! However, as explained earlier, the short exposure time and calculated UVA dosage does not make this a requirement for safety. Also make sure to request that your client washes their hands before the service begins so that the nail stays dehydrated and no grease or oil remains on the hands.  

    5) Should I switch to dipping system manicures? Are they safer? 

    Similar to the question above, whatever makes your client most comfortable is the choice they should make. Not only are dipping systems free of UV light, they create a strong nail enhancement and offer a slew of benefits. If, despite their new found knowledge, the concept of UV light still makes your client uncomfortable, dip might be their perfect alternative! 

    All facts about the science of UV nail lamps have been sourced from the Professional Beauty Association. Click here for further reading


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