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  1. Top of Your Game: Why Professional Beauty Training Matters

    There aren't many industries today that can genuinely declare themselves "stagnant." Staying mindful of trends and taking on new technologies enables qualified professionals to remain competitive. While self-teaching can be a fantastic tool, professional education provides an invaluable opportunity for growth.

    In the professional beauty industry, it's essential to continuously expand your practice. Whether you specialize in hair, makeup, nails or aesthetics, it's crucial to take on new challenges through professional training.

    What makes professional beauty education so valuable?

    Practice Makes Perfect 

    Le Beauty Professional Training

    Perhaps you're a recent beauty school grad, mid-level professional or business owner. Whichever career stage you're in, there's always room to upskill!

    For those early in their beauty career, professional training can be an incredible way to gain confidence. Hands-on education often mimics a salon environment, using live models to help you prep for real-world clients. Training also gives you the opportunity to work under the shadow of someone with senior industry knowledge. Working with a professional trainer provides you with the benefit of immediate feedback from an experienced set of eyes. 

    Professional training offers unique benefits for mid-level professionals or business owners. Think of training like test-driving a car. You'd never commit to a new set of wheels without taking them out for a test-run! A professional beauty classroom creates a safe space to try out new techniques without risking the reputation of your business. 

    Expand Your Opportunities

    One of the best parts of the beauty industry is the broad scope it covers. Beauty school grads are blessed with heaps of possibilities and potential career paths. Taking part in a professional training course allows you to sample areas of the industry you're considering specializing in. For example, training can be a great segue if you currently specialize in tanning but have always been intrigued by the lash and brow industry. Taking part in training will satisfy your curiosity while simultaneously making you more hireable should you choose to pursue a new direction. 

    Bonus Tip: Make your training count! Social media presence can often fling an at-home beauty enthusiast into the spotlight. While online beauty sensations can be a great source for inspiration, you should rely on accredited professionals for the highest quality training. Our network of educators, including our world-close Education Manager, offer guaranteed credibility.

    Keen to get growing, but not sure where to start? at Le Beauty we offer hands-on training in a variety of disciplines including tanning, waxing, nail, lash and brow tech. Whether you're looking for individual or group training, our state of the art Richmond facilities offer the perfect environment to get going! Head to our training section to learn more. 

    **Please Note: We do NOT currently offer online training. All training takes place at our Richmond show room.**

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  2. Sun-Kissed Skin: This Seasons Top Trends for Tanning!

    Coming into summer, it's time to start thinking about sunless tanning!

    Australia is becoming one of the most sun-smart countries in the world. Public perception is extremely wary of natural UV rays, leading to a rise in sunless tanning of all types! The tanning industry is constantly changing, but it's important to stay ahead of the trends to tailor your salon advertising and retain your clients! 

    One of the major trends to take into account is the rise of self-tanning enthusiasts. Social media is becoming a marketing machine when it comes to selling skin-enhancing tan products. Don't be discouraged, instead read on for our tips to make the most of retail tanning products! 

    The second major trend we see in the forecast is the demand for a quicker spray tan without sacrificing results. For special events or a summer-long tan, your spray tan clients will be seeking express tans this season. Read on for our favourite spray tan solution that delivers all the bronze in a fraction of the time!

    Professional Tanning: Use Speed & Security as Selling Points

    More and more women (and men!) are becoming aware of the benefits of professional spray tanning. Not only does a spray tan save your skin from harmful UV light, it also offers the security of a professional technician to help you avoid streaking! This year we expect to see many clients coming into the salon seeking a super quick tan that doesn't skimp on colour! For serious bronzing in a fraction of the time, we adore St.Tropez' Express Mist. This professional spray tan solution lets your client control the depth of their tan. This innovative formula provides three different finishes in 1-3 hours development time. For lighter-skinned ladies or first-time tanners, suggest a rinse off time of one hour for a light, sun-kissed glow. For medium skin tones and experienced tanners suggest a two hour rinse time for a natural and noticeable golden glow. For darker skin tones or those that prefer a dramatic tan, suggest a three hour development time for a stunning dark tan! 

    Retail Tanning: Promote Prep & After-Care Products 

    As the world of Instagram Influencers continues to grow, we expect to see many women finding inspiration to take tanning into their own hands! From Bondi Sands to Mine Tan, many of our favourite professional tanning companies offer their own easy-to-use retail ranges! Our Instagram feeds are always full of stunning influencers rocking the best types of tan including Bondi Sands Ultra Dark Foam and Mine Tan's Super Dark European Violet. After a spray tan, these products make an excellent upsell for clients looking to try out tanning at home. Set your clients up for success by promoting the proper prep too! Suggest these 3 products to help your client create the perfect skin base:

    1) Mine Tan Bronze Away Exfoliating Mitt Nothing stops a smooth tan like dry skin! Keep your clients from causing streaks by reminding them to exfoliate 24 hours before applying their at-home tan. We absolutely love this Exfoliating Mitt by Mine Tan. Made out of 100% natural fibre, this Mitt magically removes dead skin cells to promote a smooth base ready for self-tan. Can be used as a dry buff or with water. 

    2) St Tropez Tan Enhancing Body Polish

    The next prep product we love is St.Tropez's beautiful body polish! This gentle scrub is the perfect partner for a professional exfoliating mitt. While common exfoliating products can leave the skin scratched and dry, St.Tropez' polish is designed with smooth round beads that roll over the surface of your skin without causing damage.

    3) St Tropez Tan Enhancing Body Moisturiser 

    Last but not least, return a rich moisture to your skin to ensure a long-lasting tan! Formulated with a blend of essential oils and aloe vera to nourish the skin, use this lotion after exfoliation to return moisture and smoothness. Bonus: this moisturiser can also be used daily after applying your tan in order to keep your skin soft and lengthen the life of your colour!

    Stock up on your sunless tanning supplies for less with our amazing tanning deals. Our full selection of Mine Tan is now 50% off and our St.Tropez Professional Solutions are up to 70% off. Shop now to score these sunny savings while they last! 

    Image Credit: @MineTanBodySkin

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  3. Haunting Beauty: Your Halloween Nail and Makeup Inspo!

    Scary but stunning - Halloween is one of the best days of the year for beauty lovers.

    Getting creative with hair, nails, makeup and costumes is the highlight of our October. While searching through Pinterest can be addictive, we'd like to save you some time by bringing you the best beauty looks to try this scary season. With the help of our resident makeup artist Vy Le, we've created three stunning makeup looks to get you looking supernatural in no time! Pair with our polish recommendations for your most spook-tacular Halloween yet! 

    Leopard Halloween Makeup

    Feline Fatale 

    Time to get wildly impressive! This fierce cheetah look is feminine with just a hint of frightening. Start with a base layer that lightens and evens out your complexion. A bold black lip, whiskers and spots make this look pop! However, the real magic behind this look lies in the eyes! The trick to creating such mezmerizing eyes? Grey contact lenses! This subtle yet striking colour of contacts gives you the feline feel without looking gaudy or distracting from the look as a whole. Vy suggests going heavy on the smokey eye to really attract the attention to your goulish grey eyes and to create the illusion of larger eyelids. Incorporate a mix of black, white and grey eye shadow tones to mimic Vy's cat-shaped eyes. Add a little contrast and lovely leading lines using white eyeliner such as Runway Room's White Eye Definer Pencil. Finish the eyes with a little, no wait, A LOT of lashes! We recommend Ardell's Magnetic Lashes for length and volume that lock into place for a full night of fright-fillled fun.

    Pro Tip: Get the spots right with strategic placement. "In order to achieve more of a natural cheetah print, you need work well with the contouring, as you can see I only place the spots within the darker contour." 

    Polish Pairing: Top this look off with a matte black nail fit for a fierce feline! We suggest OPI's bold Black Onyx Gel Polish , locked in with a layer of OPI's Matte Gel Top Coat. 

    Clown Halloween Makeup

    Crush-Worthy Clown

    Creepy or cute? The jury is still out on clowns. While some kids adore them, others consider them to be nightmare-inducing. Whichever side you choose, Halloween is the perfect opportunity to bring out your inner joker! A girly-girl at heart, Vy opted for touches of pink to keep her clown look feminine and frightening. If you're less of a pink-lover, Vy suggests choosing red or blue for an equally cute clown colour palette. 

    Pro Tip: If you don't have pink face paint at home, you can swap in your favourite bright pink lipstick (the pink dots and hearts in the above look were created with lipstick)! We suggest a fun fuchsia shade such as Runway Room Lipstick in The Governor.

    "I wouldn't recommend using a glossy lipstick for the eyeshadow colours as it won't stay in place," says Vy. "As for the lips, opt for a true black lipstick, eye liner can sometimes be used in Halloween lip looks, but in this case it would be too dry to create an entire black lip." 

    Polish Pairing: We suggest going multi-coloured for a playful polish pairing. Mix up to five shades per hand for a multi-coloured manicure fit for a crush-worthy clown. 

    Sugar Skull Day of the Dead Halloween Makeup

    A Sugar Skull to Rule Them All

    Halloween is the perfect occasion to channel your inner Día de los Muertos diva! The major symbol for this traditional Mexican holiday. the Sugar Skull is a haunting look perfect for Halloween makeup lovers! While some Day of the Dead looks opt for pops of bright colour, Vy's take offers mega drama with a full monochrome makeup palette. Create a blanched palette using white face paint. Next draw on your dramatic eye circles with a black eye pencil such as Runway Room's Eye Definer Pencil in Black. Next, fill in the circles using black facepaint or a palette of dark grey and black eyeshadows.

    Pro Tip: At first glance, you might assume a small makeup brush would make the best bet to create the small dots in Vy's look, however after a little trial and error she found an even better option! "I thought the dots would be simple with my tiny brush but I just couldn't make them perfectly round! Then I tried the cotton tips and found out they create a perfect dot! I literally just used the cotton tip with my eye liner cream as a stamp!" 

    Polish Pairing: Keep your look cohesive with a monochrome manicure. We love bright white with a matte finish for a Dia de los Muertos manicure! Try out our staple white gel polish, Gelish's Arctic Freeze. 

    Happy Haunting!

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  4. Magic Magnets: Everything You Need to Know About Magnetic Eyelashes

    It's easy to see why certain beauty products and services become addictive.

    Whether it's a nail service, a fresh tan or a makeup look, anything that makes you look and feel your best can be a bit tough to give up. One of the most addicting beauty elements, lashes can completely transform a face! Over the past few years, lash extensions have become a sought-after service for tons of beauty addicts in Melbourne and around the globe. While lash extensions can bring out the best in your clients, every so often some ladies choose to take a break. 

    If your clients are looking for a break from lash extensions, temporary false lashes can provide an easy solution. One of our longtime faves, Ardell false lashes have become a major playor in the retail market. From full strip to individual accents, Ardell's extensive range of glue-on lashes have become some of our best-selling products. Ardell has recently launched a new range of retail lashes with a game-changing technology.

    Introducing Ardell's Magnetic False Lashes! 

    This glue-free method is a zero-mess alternative for strip lashes. While they may sound too good to be true, these magnetic lashes really do deliver stunning lash looks from the comfort of home. There are however a few important tricks and tips needed to make the most of these magnetic wonders. 

    First let's go over the manufacturer's application instructions.

    Ardell's Magnetic Lashes are available in two full strip sizes and two smaller accent sizes. The video showcases the full strip magnetic lashes in action. In the package, these lashes look nearly identical to traditional retail lashes. The key difference is the mini-magnets built into the false lash line. Each pack contains one set per eye, each with an upper and lower set. The magnets on each side lock together to secure themselves to your natural lash line. 

    The video, by Ardell Pro Artist Yamima Salahieh, demonstrates the application of the Full Magnetic Strip Lashes. To start, apply a volumizing mascara to natural lashes. This will help create a smooth blend between the natural and enhanced lashes. 

    Next, remove the upper lashes for your right eye. Place and lightly pinch along the upper lash line. Follow by removing the lower lashes for the right eye and place underneath your natural lashes. Use a pinching motion again to trace along the lash line and lock the magnets in place. Simply repeat the same process on the other eye. No adhesive needed! 

    As for removal, gently roll your index finger and thumb in opposite directions to release the magnetic lock. The lashes will then slide off of your eye and can be unlocked from one another by continuing the same rolling motion. 

    The lashes are completely reusable. Neatly place them back into the package, no formal aftercare is needed. 

    Tricks and Tips 

    The video above demonstrates an experienced application of Ardell's Magnetic Lashes. While your industry experience may provide you with the skill to succeed on your first time, it's important to understand what could go wrong and how to prevent it. 

    1) Mirror Image - When it comes to self-application, no need to go in blind! Take advantage of a small makeup mirror to help you get a better visual on your lash line. The perfect mirror for the job? The RIKI Cutie by GLAMCOR! This smartphone-sized mirror is lined with LED lights to perfectly light up your lashes! The Cutie also comes with a wearable finger ring to help keep as much of your hands free as possible during lash application. 

    2) Line it Up - The trickiest part about applying magnetic lashes is lining them up. In order for the mini magnets to lock in place, you need to get the correct alignment. Like many beauty products, practice makes perfect! The first few times you apply, you may have trouble getting the lashes close enough to your natural lash line to make them look natural and sit comfortably. Rest assured, the more familiar you are with the product the easier your applications will become. We suggest taking advantage of the "wiggle" technique demonstrated in the above video. The same technique used for removal can be used during alignment to wiggle the lashes closer to your lash line. 

    3) Alternate Application - If you find the traditional application instructions just aren't cutting it, try to flip and reverse them! One of the common issues magnetic lash beginners have is getting the top lash to stay in place before attaching the lower lash. An alternate way to apply is to begin by placing the bottom lashes on first. Open your eye and place the bottom lashes under your natural lash line. Close your eye to hold the lower lash in place while picking up the upper lashes. Then place the upper lash on top of your natural lashes, lining it up as closely as possible. Some women find this reverse application helpful in creating the best alignment and securely locking in the lash magnets. 

    Are you ready to try out magnetic lashes? For a limited time Ardell Magnetic Lashes are 15% off on our site and in-store. Shop now! 

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  5. Season’s Best: Top Hair Trends for Spring & Summer 2018

    There are two things that consistently spark a hair transformation; a break up and a new season. 

    The warmer days of spring are upon us and in just a flash summer will arrive. In this phase of transition, you're sure to start noticing clients coming in requesting major hair changes. We could go on to offer advice on healing heartbreak, but it's a bit out of our field of expertise. What we can offer instead is a trend report on this seasons hottest hairstyles! 

    Read on for our roundup of the top 3 hottest hairstyles for spring/summer 2018.

    1) Blunt Cuts & Boyish Bobs

    One of the biggest trends we expect to see taking over salons this season is the jaw-skimming bob. This cool-girl cut has become totally trendy thanks to celebs including Hailey Baldwin and Dua Lipa. Suggest this look for clients chasing a low-maintenence cut with serious style. To keep this cut looking chic, enlist the help of GHD's salon styling tools. Whether your client prefers to keep their bob pin straight or add a little wave, we stock the perfect GHD tools to do the trick.

    Depending on your clients hair texture, a jaw-length bob might need a bit of help to hold its shape. To best show off the bluntness of their new cut, advise your clients to choose a pin straight style. GHD's  Mini Gold Professional Styler is the perfect tool for precise styling of shorter locks. These tiny straighteners allow you the maximum mobility when taking on shorter styles. The Mini's narrow plates are perfect for flattening cowlicks and creating perfect pin-straight lasting locks. 

    PC: @dualipa, @haileybaldwin

    For slightly longer blunt-cut bobs the GHD Wave Wand lets you create the exact amount of curl you crave, even on shorter cuts. With a 38mm - 26mm oval shaped barrel the wave wand lets you create edgy, deep, shimmering waves and glamorous movement.

    2) Rapunzel Level Locks

    Unlike the previous trend, this look is less about the scissors and more about styling. One of the most stunning looks we expect to see this coming summer season is ultra-long rapunzel length locks! If your client is lucky enough to be blessed with hair that grows like a weed, help her keep it that way! Maintaining a waist length mane is all about the proper haircare routine. 

    Here are the shampoos and conditioners we're currently obsessed with:

    For Thick Long Hair: For the client blessed with full, thick luscious long locks, we reccomend Matrix Biolage HyrdraSource Shampoo and conditionerThis duo packs a punch of hydration, which is essential for thick textured hair. Thick hair is especially prone to dryness. If your clients hair is both long and thick, the natural scalp oils may not be properly spreading throughout the length and ends of the hair. The result can be troublesome split ends and severe breakage. HydraSource shampoo and conditioner are the perfect tag team to balance moisture and restore strength in thick long hair.

    For Thin Long Hair: If your client has all the length but lacks hair volume, offer help with a lightweight lifting shampoo. We love Matrix's Volume Bloom Shampoo for a noticeable lift that doesn't leave hair greasy or stripped. Volume Bloom provides lasting body to help take thin long hair to the next level. 


    For Wavy Hair: While waves tend to be one of the most saught after hairstyles, naturally wavy girls sometimes crave a little more texture. Lift up limp long waves with Matrix Total Results Rock it Texrture Shampoo. This wave-friendly formula adds body and bounce while helping to enhance natural wavy texture. 

    For Very Curly Hair: Keeping curly hair in great condition can be a challenge, especially with a lot of length involved! Matrix Results helps target curly girls with the Total Results Curl Please Shampoo & Conditioner team. These two curl saviours are designed to promote definition and bounce while reducing dryness. 

    3) Captivating Colours

    PC:@maidenstkilda, @matrix

    What better time to play with bold colour than the bright days of summer! Some of the top trends we expect to see this season include pastel hues, peachy pinks and rich chestnut brown. Browse our extensive collection of salon quality hair colours to help your clients get the shade they crave. 

    As you know, creating colour masterpieces can cause a bit of stress on your clients' hair. Prevent damage before it occurs by using the revolutionary Bond Ultim8 System during your colour services. Like insurance for the hair, this game-changing system helps prevent bond breakage during lightening services. Your clients will bloom with joy knowing that the integrity of their hair is in tact with their perfect colour on point! 

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  6. Beauty in Bloom: Spring Racing Makeup Looks You'll Love!

    Spring Racing Season is one of the best times of the year for beauty lovers!

    From feminine frocks to striking headpieces, we absolutely love scoping out the seasons trends! One of the finishing touches, makeup can make or break a Spring Racing look! Whether your client will be rocking a bold bright dress or more subdued attire, make sure you've got a plan to get their makeup on point! 

    With the Melbourne Cup right around the corner, we've put together the top 3 makeup looks to try for the 2018 Spring Racing Season!

    1) Subtle Smokey Eye & Nude Lip

    Our first Spring Racing look is the perfect pick for ladies looking to compliment a bold fashion choice! According to Trend Spotter, vibrant block hues of red, yellow, green, pink, or purple wiill be a winning look at the Melbourne Cup! If your client is on board with this fearless fashion trend, suggest a softer makeup look to prevent clashing. Start by suggesting a daytime twist on the signature smokey eye.

    Our resident makeup artist Vy loves using Runway Room cosmetics to achieve a universally flattering smokey eye. "When most women think of smokey eye they picture an evening look," says Le. "A smokey eye can be adapted for day or night, and can be a great choice for someone who wants to compliment their dress without overpowering it." 

    Finish off this subtle polished look with a natural nude lip. We absolutely love Runway Room's Lip Prep for dreamy soft lips and a dash of effortless colour. This nourishing lip gloss keeps your lips in prime condition with exfoliating and hydrating properties. Re-apply throughout the day as desired, without stressing about smudging. If you're looking for a little more colour Vy recomends a light pink shimmer gloss like Fairy Lights.  

    2) Golden Goddess Eyes & Statement Red Lips 

    This look is a little more bold, with an eye-catching red and a hint of gold! 

    Tiered dresses in pastel pink hues are the second fashion trend forecasted to take Spring Racing by storm! If your client opts for this chic fashion choice, encourage them to up the drama with their makeup palette! A soft pastel dress pairs perfectly with a golden bronze eyeshadow palette. Depending on your client's skin tone and preference, begin with a neutral base and build up the bronze to suit their style.

    "A classic never dies," says Vy. She recommends suggesting this look to clients who love a traditional formal glam. 

    We suggest working with golden hues of Runway Room's eye dust. These professional shadows are available in both pressed powders and loose dust. Consider your client's skin tone and begin with an appropriate shade of pressed eyeshadow and increase shimmer with your choice of loose powder. Two shades Vy loves include Chaps (a matte brown for the corners of the eyes) and Rust Lust (a beautiful bronze).

    Keep in mind, Spring Racing makeup needs to last all day long! This can be especially trialing for a bright red lip!

    A product we adore to help your lip colour last is Runway Room's Lip Definer. Think of this liner like insurance for your lips! "It’s my life saver! I swear by this!" says Vy "I’m such a foodie, before I know about Lip Definer, my lipsticks were always ruined and went everywhere after meals, but this product completely prevents my lipstick from bleeding!" Simply apply before your chosen shade of lip colour to seal the edges and prevent colour from smudging or bleeding. Nothing better than a lasting red lip, even after a few sips of Prosecco! 

    3) Pretty in Pink 

    Our third pick for perfect Spring Racing Season makeup is a girly palette of shimmery pink shades! This look is perfect for ladies opting for floral or lace dresses. A palette of pretty pink hues is a great choice for clients looking to keep their makeup soft while still turning heads! 

    This look represents everything we welcome about the Spring Season. Score the perfect base with Runway Room's Skin Primer, This base layer helps to prevent skin shine and set the stage for a full day of flawless skin. Next, apply Face Base foundationThis high quality foundation is perfect for warmer months and keeps skin fresh without caking or flaking. 

    For the first punch of pink, we recommend the beautiful Runway Room Blush in Peach Punch. This highly pigmented mineral powder blush brings out a healthy glow in any skin tone. Next, light up your clients eyes using Runway Room's luxurious Illiuminator. Simply sweep all over the eyelids and for a smooth even shadow base. Follow with Summer Dust Eyeshadow to begin your pretty pink eye palette! Then apply a healthy dose of Runway Room's Power Lash Mascara (perfect for a long day at the races!) Finish the face by applying the illuminator to the upper cheek bones to add depth and drama to your clients features. 

    Last but not least, pack a punch of pink on the lips using Runway Room's Coral Matte Lip Pencil. This thick pencil is easy to apply and perfect for longwear. Line the edges of the lips and apply a small amount all over. Lining with pencil is essential for a long daytime event, especially in a powerful shade like coral! Finish off with a gorgeous glow using Gold Rush LipglossThis premium gloss is non-tacky with a weightless feel and brilliant shine. 

    With your looks planned out, it's time to stock up on the perfect products. Just in time for Spring Racing, our entire Runway Room collection is Buy 2 get 1 free! Shop Now to find your perfect trio!

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  7. 3 Fresh Marketing Ideas You Should Be Using in Your Salon!

    Have you ever felt like your salon marketing strategies were getting a bit stale? Once your business is setup and your branding is locked in, it can be tricky to stay inspired and creative while promoting your services.

    This week on the Beauty Lab blog we've got 3 fresh marketing strategies to help you promote your beauty business! 

    1) Create photo opportunities with your salon interior

    Everyone loves a photo op - especially in a beautiful salon setting! Whether you offer hair, makeup or nail services, there's a good chance your client will be seizing a few selfies during their visit. A great before and after photo or Instagram shoutout can quickly help you score new followers and fans! Take the extra step of encouraging your clients by creating photo opportunities with your salon interior.

    Focus on finding ways to incorporate your brand colours. For example, if your logo and branding is primarily black and white with gold accents, find ways to replicate this look across your salon! Find unique frames, jars, art and accessories to encorporate bits of your brand colours throughout your workspace! It's important to think about your overall theme and aesthetic. Your entire interior should represent your branding and create beautiful opportunities for clients to capture content. 

    Another idea we love is implementing an eye-catching piece of artwork or neon signage. Investing in a visually appealing piece of wall decor pays off in compliments and clicks! With their fresh new look and confidence, your clients will be keen to snap a few pics in front of your wall installation! 

    2) Post Video Content

    In-salon selfies and photo op's aren't the only way to catch your clients attention on social media! Promote your beauty business by sharing high quality video content Instagram now offers more opportunities to share video than ever!

    Anytime you have a special event occuring in-house creates a perfect opportunity to capture live video! For example, try setting up a live stream during a colouring workshop or a company photoshoot! Not only will this capture the attention of your followers, but also educate them on the types of services you offer and invite them to register for your next workshop or special event. Live streaming is also a fantastic way to network during conferences and expos. Simply capture content and tag the event page or location to help fellow beauticians connect with you. You'll be able to increse your brand awareness amongst like-minded individuals at the same event or those searching through the same hashtags.

    Creating a YouTube channel is another way to create a more engaged following. For a bit of inspo check out our Le Beauty channel for fresh tutorials and a tour of our showroom! 

    3) Send Out Monthly Newsletters 

    Email marketing has long been loved by makeup artists, hair salons and at-home professionals. Sending out promotional emails during sales and special occasions is a reliable way to make sure your clients stay informed and remember to lock in their next appointment! BUT have you considered starting a regular monthly newsletter? Rather than just promoting your sales and specials, get more personal with your clients by sending out a community based newsletter every month! Focus on including content that doesn't revolve arounds sales. Keep your monthly newsletters friendly, interesting and engaging. Taking an educational or informative approach will help your clients feel more connected to your business beyond their regularly scheduled appointments. Make sure to include photos of your staff and share stories of the exciting moments your business has had throughout the month!

    Keep your beauy business fresh and fun by trying out these salon marketing strategies today! 

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  8. Nail Nuisances: How to Cope With Bad Client Habits

    As a beauty professional, you have the privilege of knowing heaps of tips and tricks that might not be second nature to the public. Working with nails helps you build a bank of knowledge about cuticles, polishes and acrylic enhancements. Things that might seem obvious to you may be totally unknown to the public! With that in mind, it can be a huge burden to handle bad habits of your clients. Remember, you have the upper hand! It's crucial to keep calm and patient with your clients to help them learn to treat their nails better!

    Below are a few of the most common client bad habits and how to handle them! 

    1) Nail and Cuticle Nibbling

    Although it might be a common habit, nail biting is a huge pain when it comes to providing the best look for your clients! Painting a beautiful french manicure can be a difficult task when your client has virtually no free edge! For clients with a biting habit, we suggest promoting acrylic enhancements! A durable acrylic or dipping powder coating works as a shield to prevent biting to help natural nails grow long and strong! 

    Unfortunately, biting doesn't always stop at the nail! Some women have trouble kicking the habit even while wearing acrylics. Although acrylics cover natural nails, they leave the cuticle exposed. Some women have trouble kicking the nail biting habit and tend to terrorize their cuticles! This can make your job as a nail tech extra challenging. We recommend suggesting alternative habits such as chewing gum to distract them from their desire to dig into their cuticles. You can also recommend a nourishing cuticle oil to reduce dryness and dull the temptation for biting. 

    2) Picking Off Old Polish

    Every nail tech knows, its important to remove gel polish responsibly! Many women make the mistake of assuming that gel polish can be peeled or picked off as easily as traditional polish. The curing process of gel polish means it's bonded to the natural nail with greater strength and durability than traditional polish. Make sure your clients know the difference and avoid peeling or picking off gel polish! Invite them to return to the salon for soak-off removal OR to purchase their own acetone or soak-off kit to take off old gel polish at home. 

    3) Smudging During Services

    Some women see nail salons as a luxurious treat-your-self moment; others see it as a triweekly trip that takes away from their busy schedule. For busy clients, it can be hard to sit still and tune out of their busy schedule during their nail service. Some women simply can't resist the urge to check their phones or fiddle with their fingers, resulting in smudging of the nails while setting. If smudging does occur, politely remind your client that it's important to give their nails the time they deserve to create a durable seal! After all, it's in every clients best interest to get the strongest longest-lasting nails possible! Try to engage your client in great conversation in order to keep their mind occupied and their hands still! 

    We hope you find these tips helpful to achieve the best nail service possible while making your practice painless for both parties!

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  9. Avoid Defeat: What You Need to Know About Diabetes and Pedicures!

    A salon pedicure is by definition, a moment of pampering. The last thing a client expects after sinking into salon bliss is a health complication! Unfortunately, for diabetics there's a need to err on the side of caution in order to keep their service from sabotaging their health! A topic not often covered, we wanted to take the opportunity to set the record straight on what you need to know about pedicures and diabetes! 

    Let's start with the basics! Type 2 diabetes is best known for compromising the body's ability to metabolize sugar. However, this multi-faceted disease can also lead to issues in blood flow and circulation. Any activity which requires a diabetic to sit still for long periods of time can aggravate their condition. Therefore, it's important to be aware of the special precautions you can take to help your diabetic clients stay comfortable and cared for during your services! Here are some tips for tailoring your pedicures to diabetic clients.

    1) Know the Warning Signs 

    Not all diabetics suffer from an abnormal level of numbness or circulation problems, therefore the main responsibility lies in your client to inform you of their personal level of risk. However, certain clients may avoid mentioning their condition for fear of being difficult or because they assume it won't be an issue. Know what to look for in order to prevent circulation problems before they occur! There are a couple of warning signs you can count on to alert you of a compromise in blood flow.

    • Dry, scaly skin with little or no hair growth 
    • Thin, shiny, parchment-like skin on the leg, especially along the shin bone 
    • Changes in color, often looking mottled purplish or brown in appearance 
    • Buildup of excess dry, dead skin around the nail fold 
    • Higher than normal amount of callus formation 

    Water temperature is another tell-tale sign for circulation issues. Take notice if your client continually asks you to raise the temperature of the water in their pedicure basin.

    If your client does not appear to be responding to a normal level of heat, they may be experiencing numbness. 

    2) Cater the Conversation

    If you notice any of the above warning signs, open up the conversation with your client. There's a tactful way to work health into your regular client conversation. Begin by asking broad questions such as "Do you ever get tingling or numbness in your toes or feet?" or "Do you find yourself getting cramps in your feet or calves?" These questions will open the door for your client to voice any concerns they may have avoided mentioning before the service began. Sometimes all it takes is a single question to make your client feel comfortable and confident in disclosing their health issues with you. 

    3) Delicate in the Details 

    Once you've had a chat with your client and confirmed their circulation troubles, proceed with a delicate hand! Assure your client they should feel free to inform you if they're feeling any discomfort throughout the remainder of the service. As for you, take it upon yourself to be extra delicate and attentive to detail. Take extra caution when working with the cuticles and trimming your client's toenails. Avoid adding unnecessary pressure to the sides of the nailbed to prevent cramping.

    We recommend minimizing the soak and softening time for your clients if they suffer from circulation problems. One of our most popular brands for pedicure services is the medi-minded Footlogix. Their pediceutical products are created with foot health in mind. Visit Footlogix's online resource for more info on how to tailor your product applications to diabetic clients.

    Shop our selection of professional pedicure products to keep creating beautiful feet for all!

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  10. Full Service: Help Your Clients Achieve Smooth Skin Bliss with Lycon!

    If you offer professional waxing in your practice, you're probably familiar with a few common client worries.

    "Will it hurt?"

    "What about ingrowns?"

    "How do I deal with aftercare?"

    "Is this ok for sensitive skin?"  

    The key to calming these worries is to deliver results! Many women (and men!) become sceptical about waxing after having a bad experience at-home or with an unqualified wax tech. Delivering comfortable quality results is easy when you have a trained professional using the right products! That's why we're pleased to announce the arrival of one of Australia's finest waxing and skincare brands:

    Lycon is an Australian brand with a well-deserved reputation. Their products contain high quality resins, beeswax and aromatherapy ingredients. Lycon is not only a wax company, they're a full service waxing system! Their products include pre and post-care that caters to sensitive skin and delicate areas.

    The best way to begin with Lycon is to try out one of their high-value kits! Let's take a look at the different kits available for your custom salon needs:

    1) Lycon Salon Starter Professional Waxing Kit

    This starter kit is perfect for salon's or at-home professionals new to Lycon! This kit gives you a great spread of tools, accessories and waxes for facial, brazillian and full body waxing! 

    The Salon starter kit features Lycon's signature wax formula. This smooth professional wax is virtually pain free to help eliminate client concerns and scepticism. The included disposable application tools enable you to deliver safe and sanitary waxes. 

    2) Lycon Pinkini Brazilian Care Kit

    The most delicate areas deserve the best waxing products on the market! Lycon's Pinkini Brazilian waxing kit was designed with sensitive skin in mind.

    Successful salons know that providing the most professional, comfortable and effective brazilian and Bikini waxing experience promotes client loyalty, repeat appointments and word-of-mouth recommendations. The Pinkini brazilian Care Kit allows you to provide the most amazing brazilian waxing experience from start to finish!

    The Pinkini kit includes wax, cleansers, oils and after-care lotions to prevent redness, irritation and ingrowns for a beautiful bump-free bikini line!

    3) Lycon LycoPro Baby Face Waxing Kit

    Facial waxing is often the quickest wax service offered by salons, however they must be done with precision!

    Lycon's LycoPro Baby Face waxing kit is designed for precise waxing of eyebrows, lip, chin, nose, ears and neck. The compact size of LycoPro's baby wax heater is perfect for mobile services, makeup artists and small workstations. 

    Show your client's they're in good hands with this specially formulated facial waxing kit. 

    Browse our full selection of Lycon waxes and body care products to deliver smooth skin bliss to your clients!

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