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  1. Self Care: How to Actually Relax This Holiday Season

    Time away from work is precious. It's a chance to unwind, catch up on sleep and rest your busy brain. However, time off over the holidays can easily shift from bliss to chaos. From hosting dinners to visiting family, your silly season can quickly become as packed as your regular work week. How do you make sure your time off actually feels like a bit of a break?

    This week on the Beauty Lab blog we've got a few helpful tips to turn your holiday season into the relaxing break you deserve. 

    Make Moves

    As a busy beauty professional, you probably spend heaps of time on your feet. The holidays arrive and you continue to run around like crazy. There's shopping to do, family to see and parties to attend. It can be tempting to spend every free moment you have parked on the couch. However, staying active can make a huge difference when it comes to keeping stress at bay. A little exercise goes a long way for mood, patience and overall happiness. Whether it's a short walk or full-on sweat session, the exercise endorphins will help you feel refreshed and recharged. 

    Put Your Best Face Forward 

    From work parties to NYE, the silly season offers no shortage of occasions to don a full face of glamorous makeup. It's important to counterbalance your holiday makeup routine by prioritizing skincare. Our first must-have product to keep your skin fresh is Bioderma's Micellar Water. This moisturising makeup remover effectively cleans skin while helping hydrate and restore radiance. Grab a mini Micellar Water to toss on your purse for an easy post-party refresh.

    When you have the chance to stay in for the night, treat yourself to some skin TLC. With nourishing ingredients including green tea extract, olive oil and activated charcoal, BeautyPro's professional face masks are built to restore radiance and refresh stressed out skin. These award-winning treatments come in convenient single-use packs, perfect for last-minute gifts!  

    Use Scent Therapy

    Never underestimate the power of a beautiful scent! Over the last few years, aromatherapy has gained heaps of popularity. Throughout the professional beauty industry, it's common knowledge that scent can completely transform a spa experience. From massage oils to candles, aestheticians often leverage the power of aromatherapy to create a calming environment for their clients. Don't forget to do yourself the same favour at home! Stock up on a few candles in calming scents such as lavender, vanilla or jasmine. To keep a bit of calm on the go, opt for a body lotion with one of these soothing scents. Lycon's Lavender and Chamomile Lotion is one of our staple products for soft skin and a soothing scent. 

    Schedule Less 

    Be your own best boss and schedule your time kindly. Of course, family and friends are important but make sure you keep your health a priority. Be mindful of overbooking yourself and prioritize the plans you actually need to make. The more downtime you can save yourself, the better off you'll be when it comes time to get back to the work grind. 

    Be kind to your mind! Follow our tips to feel relaxed and radiant throughout your holiday break. Happy Holidays - LB 

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  2. OPI Chrome Effects Nail Art Tutorial: How to "Chrome in Thirds!"

    Throughout the past year, we've seen tremendous growth at Le Beauty. We've had the pleasure of adding 6 new faces to our team and introducing 1391 new products to our inventory. We pride ourselves in bringing you quality products at the forefront of the professional beauty industry. 

    With great products comes great responsibility. This past winter we launched our YouTube channel to bring you top tips and tutorials to use your professional products to their true potential. This week on the Beauty Lab blog we've got a very special tutorial to help you create nail magic with OPI's Chrome Effects powders. 

    Nail Art How-to Tutorial: "Chrome in Thirds"

    OPI Chrome Effects powders have quickly become one of our most talked about products. With 8 different shades and heaps of potential looks, Chrome Effects can be adapted to suit any clients style. For those of you looking to get creative with chrome, we have an exclusive tutorial to teach you how to chrome in thirds.

    Products needed:

    Start by applying OPI Gel Colour Base Coat, followed by two layers of OPI Gel Colour in Alpine Snow. This crisp white gel colour sets the stage for a bright beautiful chrome powder application. Apply a small piece of sticky tape to cover the top two-thirds of your nail. This creates a barrier to separate the chrome powder into three distinct sections. 

    Time to apply your first layer of Chrome Effects powder! Begin with Bronzed By the Sun. Using a small makeup sponge apply a generous amount of powder to the exposed lower third of the nail. Use a dust brush to remove any excess powder.

    Next, remove the tape and move up to expose the second section of the nail. The tape should now only be covering the top edge of your nail. You should have a beautiful crisp line between your Bronzed By the Sun powder and the rest of the nail. Now it's time to apply the second colour of chrome, Gold Digger. Dip your makeup sponge in chrome powder and apply over the middle section of the nail. Use a dust brush to remove any excess powder.

    Remove the tape to reveal three distinct beautiful sections. To remove any unwanted powder, use isopropyl alcohol on a lint-free pad. Finish with OPI Chrome Effects No Cleanse Top Coat. This will seal and protect your gel colour and chrome powders. 

    Et voila! Your gorgeous three-part Chrome Effects manicure is complete! This chic look can easily be adapted to suit any client's style. Simply swap in different colours of Chrome Effects powders or switch up your sections to create custom new looks! See below for a little extra inspo and subscribe to our YouTube channel to be the first to see our latest tutorials! 

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  3. Buying Beauty: Your Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide!

    Last minute shopping - some avoid it like the plague while others seem to thrive on it. As a busy beauty professional, it can be extremely hard to avoid grabbing all your gifts last-minute. Now that the holiday season is here, we'd like to save you some precious time by rounding up our best retail products for everyone on your shopping list. We've hand-picked the best presents for your mum, boyfriend, bff and everyone else who makes your life beautiful! 

    Check out our ultimate beauty buying guide for all your holiday shopping needs! 

    Let's start with the blokes on your list. As a beauty pro, you know all too well that gents sometimes skip out on the TLC that could take their look to the next level. From facial care to hair therapy, we've got six suitable gifts to get any guy on your list looking great!

    BarberPro Face Putty Black Peel Off Face Mask with Activated Charcoal 

    Let's face it, men and skincare aren't always mates. Whether it's a lack of knowledge or effort, we all know a man who could dedicate a little more time to taking care of their skin! Plant the seed for better skin by giving the gift of BarberPro! This fun line of face masks is the perfect pick for your male mates. BarberPro's activated charcoal face mask will catch their attention with a dramatic black colour and entertaining peel off removal. 

    BarberPro Foaming Cleansing Mask 

    For a fun foaming facial, treat your man to BarberPro's cleansing mask. This mask also features activated charcoal, perfect for acne-prone skin in need of a deep cleanse. This nourishing mask helps clear out blackheads and increase skin firmness for a comfortable and youthful complexion.

    With lemon, lime and grapefruit extracts, this foaming mask is a fun and refreshing treat for every bloke on your buying list. 

    NED Beard Shampoo & Oil Gift Pack 

    Beards are serious business. No one knows this better than NED! This Melbourne-based company was born to make beard maintenance better. Treat your facial haired friends to a NED gift pack. Combining nourishing shampoo with soothing oil, these gift packs are a great pick for men who struggle to keep their facial hair fresh during the warm summer months.

    Opt for the Outback pack if your man likes a spicy scent. This pack includes Ned's Outback Beard Oil with eucalyptus and bay rum. 

    Opt for the Lavender pack if your man prefers a light and fresh floral scent. 

    Ned Beard Comb + Bottle Opener  

    Talk about a team! This boyfriend-approved beard comb features wide-teeth to tackle even the most unruly facial hair. Ned's beard comb is the gift that keeps giving - with a convenient bottle opener built right in.

    Stylish and functional, you can guarantee your male mates will keep this gift at arm's length all season long! 

    OSMO Hair Pomade Strong Hold 

    Every man loves low maintenance hair! Give the gift of great hair without the fuss. OSMO's hair pomade is perfect for men who want great style without heaps of product. This British company offers a huge collection of professional products to target every hair type, style and styling need. 

    OSMO's stronghold pomade keeps hair in place while staying lightweight and flexible.

    Pick this pomade for men who need a shine and style boost in their short hair. For men with slightly longer locks, opt for OSMO's Corruptor Cream. 


    Wahl Beard & Stubble Rechargeable Trimmer

    Don't let summer wreak havoc on your man's stubble! This rechargeable trimmer makes beard and stubble maintenance a breeze. Featuring high-carbon blades, Wahl's beard trimmer is a powerful tool for precise styling. With 7 individual combs and an ergonomic shape, this trimmer is the perfect match for any style of facial hair. 

    Whether your man likes a subtle stubble or full-on summer beard, Wahl's trimmer is a great buy to keep them looking sleek and styled. 

    Onto the ladies! It can be tricky to narrow down the best presents for the babes on your buying list. Whether you're thinking hair, nails or skincare we've rounded up the best retail products for your mum, sister or bestie. 

     BeautyPro Black Diamond Peel Off Face Mask with Activated Charcoal 

    Treat the ladies you love to a new skincare product! BeautyPro's Black Diamond mask features activated charcoal to target all forms of acne including pesky blackheads. This fun peel-off mask also offers anti-aging benefits (because who doesn't want to look a few years younger!)

    BeautyPro's luxury masks are perfect to rock before a big night out or to indulge during an at-home spa day. 

     BeautyPro Foot & Callus Peel Treatment Bootie 

    Give the gift of fresh feet with BeautyPro's treatment booties! These peel off single-use boots are an absolute saviour to get your mates feet feeling summer-ready! Winter has a tendency to take a toll on tootsies. BeautyPro's booties feature 17 natural plant botanicals to kill calluses and restore soft skin.

    The booties should be worn for about an hour and will cause old cracked skin to gradually peel away over the course of the following week. 

    Runway Room Flawless Finish Primer 

    With so much on our plates this time of year, we're all hoping to shine throughout the holidays! However, maybe not so much when it comes to complexion! Treat your bestie, sister of mum to the perfect primer! Set the stage for smooth shine-free skin that can handle even the hottest of holiday parties.

    Runway Room's primer is our go-to pick for preventing unwanted shine and evening out complexions. Simply apply before everyday makeup using a foundation brush. This flawless finish primer has serious staying power for all the social hours you need to put in this season! 

    Runway Room Conceal & Illuminate 5 in 1 Palette Kit

     'Tis the season to be merry and bright! Help the ladies you love to look fresh and flawless with Runway Room's conceal and illuminate palette! This complete complexion correction kit includes multiple concealers to even out tones and removes skin imperfections. Runway Room's apricot concealer counteracts blue and purple tones while the green concealer hides redness. The included illuminator cream brings a gorgeous glow for brows and cheekbones.

    To really brighten up your mates day, include Runway Room's best brushes! This 15 piece kit includes every professional brush needed to create a flawless face. 

    CND Solar Oil 

    Award-winning and professionally loved - CND's Solar Oil makes the perfect gift for any lady on your list. Solar Oil features a synergetic blend of vitamin E and essential oils. This luxurious therapy treats cuticles and prevents natural nails from becoming dehydrated and damaged. Simply apply after a nail service or on its own whenever nails need a little love. 

    Solar Oil sets the stage for long-lasting enhancements or nourished natural nails. Your gal pals will be forever grateful for your gift of nurtured nails! 

    Ardell Magnetic Lashes 

    For the lash queen on your list, look no further than Ardell's magnetic lashes! This fun new technology uses the power of magnets to prevent annoying mess and potential mayhem from traditional adhesive. Ardell's magnetic lashes are available in both strip and individual sizes, to suit any lash lover's style! These enhancements can also be reused for long stunning lash looks all season long.

    Practice makes perfect with this type of lash enhancement!

    Looking for help? Check out our Beauty Lab blog post for FAQ and troubleshooting! 

    Happy Shopping! xx LB 

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  4. Trending Top Coats: How to Transform CND's Shellac Polish!

    Known for easy applications and superior strength, CND Shellac has become an industry staple for passionate nail technicians.

    Shellac's cult-following is well-earned. This superior nail system applies like polish, yet provides two to three weeks of long and strong wear. Odds are your salon stocks a variety of CND's shellac shades, however, you may not be familiar with their terrific line of transformational top coats. From their signature glossy finish coats to their lux matte and pearl shine options, CND has a wide variety of top coats that can truly transform a traditional Shellac manicure. 

    This week on the Beauty Lab blog we've got your complete buying guide to shop CND's Shellac Top Coats. 

    Traditional Top Coats 

    CND Shellac Original Top Coat

    The original CND Shellac top coat delivers a classic crystal-clear glossy finish. This professional top coat was designed for an 8-minute removal. The Classic top coat is the perfect choice for those just starting with the system, as it offers the greatest diversity and makes a great choice for all Shellac clients. The key benefit of this top coat (as well as all CND top coats!) is the easy removal. There's no filing necessary when it comes time to remove your client's Shellac colour and start fresh. Simply apply Offly Fast Moisturizing Remover to a CND Foil Removal Wrap and cover the nail for 8 minutes.

    Pro Tip: Set your clients up for successful at-home removals! Our CND Offly Fast Removal & Care Kit makes for an amazing retail upsell after a Shellac manicure. Educate your clients about proper removal to prevent peeling, pulling and nail damage between services. This complete removal kit includes all the essential CND products for easy at-home removals. This retail product benefits you both by saving your clients the in-salon removal service and assuring they return for their next appointment with beautiful healthy nails. 

    CND Shellac DuraForce Top Coat

    DuraForce was designed to create an amazing strong seal for the strongest Shellac nails possible. It offers 25 per cent extra protection, making it a terrific top coat for clients with weak, thin or damaged nails. DuraForce is also a quality choice for clients who work with their hands or put their nails through tough conditions. This durable top coat is ideal for nail art and embellishments which may cause extra strain on the natural nail. It has the proven power to extend the wear of Shellac nails by an extra week! DuraForce is advertised as a 15-minute removal. 

    CND Shellac Xpress5 Top Coat

    The second top coat created by CND, Xpress5 offers the fastest Shellac removal yet. Advertised as a 5-minute removal. This top coat is a great option for clients who prefer at-home removals and seek the quickest turnaround time possible. 

    Transformational Top Coats 

    CND Shellac Matte Top Coat

    Matte nails are a magnificent way to take your favourite Shellac shade and transform it into a completely new finish. This on-trend look takes all shine away from your chosen Shellac shade and delivers a divine chalkboard style finish. When used over Studio White, the matte top coat creates a smooth paper-like white. When used over Black Pool, the matte top coat delivers a true chalkboard style nail with no-shine whatsoever. When used over mid-tone colours including pinks and reds, the matte top coat successfully removes shine for a trendy twist on staple Shellac shades. 

    CND Shellac Glitter Top Coat

    When used over Studio White, the glitter top coat throws a primarily green and gold subtle sparkle. The glitter top coat truly shines when used over darker shades such as Black Pool. It throws heaps of colours including pink, gold, yellow and green specks of glitter. When used over mid-tone shades including pinks and reds, the glitter top coat throws a primarily golden effect with touches of green.

    CND Shellac Pearl Top Coat

    When used over Studio White, the pearl top coat creates a silky gloss top coat with high-shine. The pearl top coat delivers the most dramatic effect when used over darker Shellac shades such as Black Pool. It throws a gorgeous blue tone to noticeably transform your signature shade. When used over mid-tone shades such as pink and red, the pearl top coat creates luscious smoothness for a stylish shining Shellac manicure. 

    There's never been a better time to let your creativity shine. With so many top coats to choose from, you and your clients can transform a signature CND Shellac shade into something completely different. 

    For a complete visual buying guide, check out our YouTube channel. 

    Our General Manager (and general nail guru) Rachael walks you through each of these terrific top coats so you can visualise the results before buying! 

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  5. Ready For the Rush: How to Get Your Salon Ready For Busy Season!

    Silly season, Christmas break, school vacation or party time. Call it whatever you like; one thing's for sure - it's about to get busy! 

    December is without a doubt the busiest month of the year for Beauty Professionals. Whether you specialize in nail, hair, skin or tanning services, it's time to get planning for the upcoming business spike! Having a successful busy season takes a well-thought-out plan and a whole lot of patience. This week on the Beauty Lab blog we're bringing you five key factors to help you survive thrive this hectic holiday season. 

    1) Don't Overbook Yourself

    Set yourself up for sanity by sticking to a schedule that you can actually manage. One of the best things about the busy season is the influx of new business that can bring you a huge financial gain. It can be tempting to try to accommodate as many appointments as possible, however, you need to stay realistic about the number of clients you can take on. Overbooking yourself will only cause extra stress on both you and your staff, not to mention a lower quality service for your clients. Play it safe and be realistic when filling up your bookings during busy season!

    2) Support Your Staff

    Looking after your crew should be a top priority. It's essential to support your work squad throughout the busiest season of the year! Working at a faster pace and committing to longer hours can quickly take a toll on hairstylists, especially if they don't feel supported by their team.  Make sure you keep morale high by staying attentive to the needs of your staff. Be diligent to make sure your staff take breaks between clients and offer them praise whenever possible. 

    3) Keep Calm and Stay Clean

    Rushing can really ruin your environment. In the Beauty industry, there are heaps of tools in the trade, all of which can contribute to a super messy work station. Take the time to stay organised and put all of your tools back in their rightful place after appointments. Make sure your surfaces, floors and equipment are always clean and  Staying organised will help you stay calm and collected even while your schedule is chock full of clients. 

    Pro Tip: Make sure you plan ahead and stock up on the sanitary supplies your salon needs this season. Better to be overprepared when it comes to salon solvents and removers such as Acetone and Isopropyl. 

    4) Maximise Revenue With Retail 

    During the holiday season, many of your clients will come to you to prep for an event such as a work party or family gathering. Many of these events will involve gift-giving and could provide a great opportunity for you to promote your retail products! Make sure to get your retail products ready to make a little extra revenue! Consider bundling some of your best-selling products together or offering special discounts for multi-item purchases. 

    Pro Tip: One of our most giftable brands, GHD styling tools are easy to promote and ready to retail in your salon! 

    5) Celebrate Your Successes 

    Along the way and once the chaos concludes, take the time to acknowledge your amazing accomplishments! Every time you receive positive feedback from clients, make sure it's shared amongst your staff! Small boosts of confidence can make a huge impact on the overall dynamic of your team during this busy time. Once the season slows down, treat your staff to a special dinner or day out to show your gratitude for their hard work and dedication.

    Happy Holidays! 

    xx LB 

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  6. Stay Smooth: How to Promote Waxing Aftercare

    Manicures. Hair appointments. Facials. Waxing. 

    One of these things is not like the others.

    When a client comes to you for a manicure, facial or fresh head of highlights, they'll have a smile on their face, ready to enjoy their "treat-yourself" moment. Unfortunately for waxing services... not so much! While smooth skin is always in, many women (and men!) have heaps of hesitation when it comes to waxing. Whether their concern comes from a bad experience or straight scepticism, it's important to explain all aspects of waxing to your clients. One of the commonly neglected parts of a wax-service is the aftercare! Many clients assume that once the tough part is over, their skin will simply recover on its own. As a beauty professional, it's essential you promote the right aftercare to keep your clients coming back! 

    Read on for our top tips to promote the best after-wax care to your clients!

    Mention Common Mistakes

    Working with clients who are new to waxing gives you the chance to correct aftercare mistakes before they're even made!

    A common mistake made by first-time wax clients is to avoid the area entirely. After a service, your clients' skin will be sensitive and they might assume the best way to recover is to avoid aftercare products altogether. That, however, is simply not true! While certain products can irritate the skin, there are creams, lotions and oils that provide heaps of help during the healing process. We'll highlight a few of these soon! 

    The second mistake wax clients often make is to attack in-grown hairs as soon as they appear. Make sure to remind your client to avoid picking, scratching or peeling their skin in any way for the first 48 hours (if not longer!) Ingrown hairs are no exception! While it's great to treat pesky ingrown's ASAP, it's more effective to wait until the skin has reached the stage where it's healed enough to exfoliate (48-72 hours after a wax service). If exfoliation doesn't do the trick, recommend an aftercare product specifically suited to the job (more on this later!) 

    Make Mindful Habits  

    Now that we've covered the dont's, let's focus on the do's! After your client leaves their waxing appointment, it's your job to make sure they've got the right plans in place!

    Begin by suggesting loose-fitting clothing and comfortable fabrics for the next 48 hours, Tight clothing that covers the freshly waxed area will increase the odds of irritation. Natural fibres (such as cotton) will allow the skin to breathe while it's in a sensitive state. The right fabric choices can make a huge difference in preventing friction and ultimately avoiding irritation and infection. 

    Do encourage your client to soothe their skin with a cold compress if needed. Clients with fair skin or known sensitivity can use this safe and easy method to help skin heal. Using a thin cloth, wrap an ice cube and apply to freshly waxed skin. This easy trick can work wonders to reduce inflammation and help sensitive skin recover!

    Upsell Post-Depilatory Products

    Lycon Tea-Tree Soothe

    After waxing, skin is in a vulnerable state for 48-72 hours. It's important to use the best aftercare products to avoid any potential irritation or infection. Lycon's soothing lotion contains powerful tea-tree oil, well known for its anti-bacterial benefits. This lotion is the perfect upsell for clients with known skin sensitivities. Tea-Tree Soothe provides a light coating on the skin to protect from environmental irritants. Formulated with rose and chamomile, Lycon's hydrating lotion gently refreshes the skin for perfect after-wax recovery. 

    Bump eRaiser Triple Action Lotion 

    The Bump eRaiser range has been designed to help prevent and eliminate ingrown hairs, redness and bumps for smooth and healthy looking skin following hair removal. One of our staple products for aftercare is the Triple Action Lotion. This product is an easy upsell to clients who want to treat their freshly waxed skin and prevent irritation between appointments. 

    After hair removal, Bump eRaiser works by weakening unwanted hair follicles, helping to retard future growth. This product is especially valuable for those with coarse hair. With continued use, Bump eRaiser weakens coarse hair to make future hair removal more comfortable. This product can be used immediately after removal, while hair is still in a sensitive state. 

    Caronlab Aloe Vera Hydrating Gel

    Aloe Vera is a natural miracle worker when it comes to skin. This hydrating plant gel is well known for soothing sunburns but can also double as the perfect after-wax recovery plan. 

    Caronlab's fresh and light aloe vera gel uses the highest quality ingredients without any colour or alcohol additives. The Aloe Vera gel's moisturising properties instantly absorb deeply into the dermal tissue to cool the skin and keep it supple, providing long-lasting relief to dry, sensitive or damaged areas on the face and body.

    Caronlab Milano Mitt 

    The key to making wax clients more comfortable is to assure they maintain fresh skin between appointments. Caronlab's exfoliating mitt is designed to massage away dead skin cells and improve circulation. Better blood flow increases client comfort during depilatory services, especially in sensitive areas! Proper exfoliation practices can also reduce the appearance of cellulite, for smoother healthier looking skin overall. 

    This versatile mitt can also be used to prepare skin for professional spray tanning and at home self-tanning applications. 

    Jax Wax Coastal Banksia After Wax Body Lotion

    A gorgeous Australian wildflower, Banksia flowers have long been used by Indigenous Australians for painting, drinking and skincare. This non-greasy lotion combines Banksia flower extract with soothing peppermint oil to help cool and calm the skin after waxing treatments. To further nurture the skin, Jax Wax lotion features coconut and olive oils to repair moisture lost during depilatory services. With a pleasant coconut and lime fragrance, this after wax lotion is the perfect take-home product for all skin types! 

    Share your aftercare knowledge to retain your clients and build your reputation for perfect professional waxing results! Shop our aftercare specials now! 

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  7. Top of Your Game: Why Professional Beauty Training Matters

    There aren't many industries today that can genuinely declare themselves "stagnant." Staying mindful of trends and taking on new technologies enables qualified professionals to remain competitive. While self-teaching can be a fantastic tool, professional education provides an invaluable opportunity for growth.

    In the professional beauty industry, it's essential to continuously expand your practice. Whether you specialize in hair, makeup, nails or aesthetics, it's crucial to take on new challenges through professional training.

    What makes professional beauty education so valuable?

    Practice Makes Perfect 

    Le Beauty Professional Training

    Perhaps you're a recent beauty school grad, mid-level professional or business owner. Whichever career stage you're in, there's always room to upskill!

    For those early in their beauty career, professional training can be an incredible way to gain confidence. Hands-on education often mimics a salon environment, using live models to help you prep for real-world clients. Training also gives you the opportunity to work under the shadow of someone with senior industry knowledge. Working with a professional trainer provides you with the benefit of immediate feedback from an experienced set of eyes. 

    Professional training offers unique benefits for mid-level professionals or business owners. Think of training like test-driving a car. You'd never commit to a new set of wheels without taking them out for a test-run! A professional beauty classroom creates a safe space to try out new techniques without risking the reputation of your business. 

    Expand Your Opportunities

    One of the best parts of the beauty industry is the broad scope it covers. Beauty school grads are blessed with heaps of possibilities and potential career paths. Taking part in a professional training course allows you to sample areas of the industry you're considering specializing in. For example, training can be a great segue if you currently specialize in tanning but have always been intrigued by the lash and brow industry. Taking part in training will satisfy your curiosity while simultaneously making you more hireable should you choose to pursue a new direction. 

    Bonus Tip: Make your training count! Social media presence can often fling an at-home beauty enthusiast into the spotlight. While online beauty sensations can be a great source for inspiration, you should rely on accredited professionals for the highest quality training. Our network of educators, including our world-close Education Manager, offer guaranteed credibility.

    Keen to get growing, but not sure where to start? at Le Beauty we offer hands-on training in a variety of disciplines including tanning, waxing, nail, lash and brow tech. Whether you're looking for individual or group training, our state of the art Richmond facilities offer the perfect environment to get going! Head to our training section to learn more. 

    **Please Note: We do NOT currently offer online training. All training takes place at our Richmond show room.**

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  8. Sun-Kissed Skin: This Seasons Top Trends for Tanning!

    Coming into summer, it's time to start thinking about sunless tanning!

    Australia is becoming one of the most sun-smart countries in the world. Public perception is extremely wary of natural UV rays, leading to a rise in sunless tanning of all types! The tanning industry is constantly changing, but it's important to stay ahead of the trends to tailor your salon advertising and retain your clients! 

    One of the major trends to take into account is the rise of self-tanning enthusiasts. Social media is becoming a marketing machine when it comes to selling skin-enhancing tan products. Don't be discouraged, instead read on for our tips to make the most of retail tanning products! 

    The second major trend we see in the forecast is the demand for a quicker spray tan without sacrificing results. For special events or a summer-long tan, your spray tan clients will be seeking express tans this season. Read on for our favourite spray tan solution that delivers all the bronze in a fraction of the time!

    Professional Tanning: Use Speed & Security as Selling Points

    More and more women (and men!) are becoming aware of the benefits of professional spray tanning. Not only does a spray tan save your skin from harmful UV light, it also offers the security of a professional technician to help you avoid streaking! This year we expect to see many clients coming into the salon seeking a super quick tan that doesn't skimp on colour! For serious bronzing in a fraction of the time, we adore St.Tropez' Express Mist. This professional spray tan solution lets your client control the depth of their tan. This innovative formula provides three different finishes in 1-3 hours development time. For lighter-skinned ladies or first-time tanners, suggest a rinse off time of one hour for a light, sun-kissed glow. For medium skin tones and experienced tanners suggest a two hour rinse time for a natural and noticeable golden glow. For darker skin tones or those that prefer a dramatic tan, suggest a three hour development time for a stunning dark tan! 

    Retail Tanning: Promote Prep & After-Care Products 

    As the world of Instagram Influencers continues to grow, we expect to see many women finding inspiration to take tanning into their own hands! From Bondi Sands to Mine Tan, many of our favourite professional tanning companies offer their own easy-to-use retail ranges! Our Instagram feeds are always full of stunning influencers rocking the best types of tan including Bondi Sands Ultra Dark Foam and Mine Tan's Super Dark European Violet. After a spray tan, these products make an excellent upsell for clients looking to try out tanning at home. Set your clients up for success by promoting the proper prep too! Suggest these 3 products to help your client create the perfect skin base:

    1) Mine Tan Bronze Away Exfoliating Mitt Nothing stops a smooth tan like dry skin! Keep your clients from causing streaks by reminding them to exfoliate 24 hours before applying their at-home tan. We absolutely love this Exfoliating Mitt by Mine Tan. Made out of 100% natural fibre, this Mitt magically removes dead skin cells to promote a smooth base ready for self-tan. Can be used as a dry buff or with water. 

    2) St Tropez Tan Enhancing Body Polish

    The next prep product we love is St.Tropez's beautiful body polish! This gentle scrub is the perfect partner for a professional exfoliating mitt. While common exfoliating products can leave the skin scratched and dry, St.Tropez' polish is designed with smooth round beads that roll over the surface of your skin without causing damage.

    3) St Tropez Tan Enhancing Body Moisturiser 

    Last but not least, return a rich moisture to your skin to ensure a long-lasting tan! Formulated with a blend of essential oils and aloe vera to nourish the skin, use this lotion after exfoliation to return moisture and smoothness. Bonus: this moisturiser can also be used daily after applying your tan in order to keep your skin soft and lengthen the life of your colour!

    Stock up on your sunless tanning supplies for less with our amazing tanning deals. Our full selection of Mine Tan is now 50% off and our St.Tropez Professional Solutions are up to 70% off. Shop now to score these sunny savings while they last! 

    Image Credit: @MineTanBodySkin

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  9. Haunting Beauty: Your Halloween Nail and Makeup Inspo!

    Scary but stunning - Halloween is one of the best days of the year for beauty lovers.

    Getting creative with hair, nails, makeup and costumes is the highlight of our October. While searching through Pinterest can be addictive, we'd like to save you some time by bringing you the best beauty looks to try this scary season. With the help of our resident makeup artist Vy Le, we've created three stunning makeup looks to get you looking supernatural in no time! Pair with our polish recommendations for your most spook-tacular Halloween yet! 

    Leopard Halloween Makeup

    Feline Fatale 

    Time to get wildly impressive! This fierce cheetah look is feminine with just a hint of frightening. Start with a base layer that lightens and evens out your complexion. A bold black lip, whiskers and spots make this look pop! However, the real magic behind this look lies in the eyes! The trick to creating such mezmerizing eyes? Grey contact lenses! This subtle yet striking colour of contacts gives you the feline feel without looking gaudy or distracting from the look as a whole. Vy suggests going heavy on the smokey eye to really attract the attention to your goulish grey eyes and to create the illusion of larger eyelids. Incorporate a mix of black, white and grey eye shadow tones to mimic Vy's cat-shaped eyes. Add a little contrast and lovely leading lines using white eyeliner such as Runway Room's White Eye Definer Pencil. Finish the eyes with a little, no wait, A LOT of lashes! We recommend Ardell's Magnetic Lashes for length and volume that lock into place for a full night of fright-fillled fun.

    Pro Tip: Get the spots right with strategic placement. "In order to achieve more of a natural cheetah print, you need work well with the contouring, as you can see I only place the spots within the darker contour." 

    Polish Pairing: Top this look off with a matte black nail fit for a fierce feline! We suggest OPI's bold Black Onyx Gel Polish , locked in with a layer of OPI's Matte Gel Top Coat. 

    Clown Halloween Makeup

    Crush-Worthy Clown

    Creepy or cute? The jury is still out on clowns. While some kids adore them, others consider them to be nightmare-inducing. Whichever side you choose, Halloween is the perfect opportunity to bring out your inner joker! A girly-girl at heart, Vy opted for touches of pink to keep her clown look feminine and frightening. If you're less of a pink-lover, Vy suggests choosing red or blue for an equally cute clown colour palette. 

    Pro Tip: If you don't have pink face paint at home, you can swap in your favourite bright pink lipstick (the pink dots and hearts in the above look were created with lipstick)! We suggest a fun fuchsia shade such as Runway Room Lipstick in The Governor.

    "I wouldn't recommend using a glossy lipstick for the eyeshadow colours as it won't stay in place," says Vy. "As for the lips, opt for a true black lipstick, eye liner can sometimes be used in Halloween lip looks, but in this case it would be too dry to create an entire black lip." 

    Polish Pairing: We suggest going multi-coloured for a playful polish pairing. Mix up to five shades per hand for a multi-coloured manicure fit for a crush-worthy clown. 

    Sugar Skull Day of the Dead Halloween Makeup

    A Sugar Skull to Rule Them All

    Halloween is the perfect occasion to channel your inner Día de los Muertos diva! The major symbol for this traditional Mexican holiday. the Sugar Skull is a haunting look perfect for Halloween makeup lovers! While some Day of the Dead looks opt for pops of bright colour, Vy's take offers mega drama with a full monochrome makeup palette. Create a blanched palette using white face paint. Next draw on your dramatic eye circles with a black eye pencil such as Runway Room's Eye Definer Pencil in Black. Next, fill in the circles using black facepaint or a palette of dark grey and black eyeshadows.

    Pro Tip: At first glance, you might assume a small makeup brush would make the best bet to create the small dots in Vy's look, however after a little trial and error she found an even better option! "I thought the dots would be simple with my tiny brush but I just couldn't make them perfectly round! Then I tried the cotton tips and found out they create a perfect dot! I literally just used the cotton tip with my eye liner cream as a stamp!" 

    Polish Pairing: Keep your look cohesive with a monochrome manicure. We love bright white with a matte finish for a Dia de los Muertos manicure! Try out our staple white gel polish, Gelish's Arctic Freeze. 

    Happy Haunting!

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  10. Magic Magnets: Everything You Need to Know About Magnetic Eyelashes

    It's easy to see why certain beauty products and services become addictive.

    Whether it's a nail service, a fresh tan or a makeup look, anything that makes you look and feel your best can be a bit tough to give up. One of the most addicting beauty elements, lashes can completely transform a face! Over the past few years, lash extensions have become a sought-after service for tons of beauty addicts in Melbourne and around the globe. While lash extensions can bring out the best in your clients, every so often some ladies choose to take a break. 

    If your clients are looking for a break from lash extensions, temporary false lashes can provide an easy solution. One of our longtime faves, Ardell false lashes have become a major playor in the retail market. From full strip to individual accents, Ardell's extensive range of glue-on lashes have become some of our best-selling products. Ardell has recently launched a new range of retail lashes with a game-changing technology.

    Introducing Ardell's Magnetic False Lashes! 

    This glue-free method is a zero-mess alternative for strip lashes. While they may sound too good to be true, these magnetic lashes really do deliver stunning lash looks from the comfort of home. There are however a few important tricks and tips needed to make the most of these magnetic wonders. 

    First let's go over the manufacturer's application instructions.

    Ardell's Magnetic Lashes are available in two full strip sizes and two smaller accent sizes. The video showcases the full strip magnetic lashes in action. In the package, these lashes look nearly identical to traditional retail lashes. The key difference is the mini-magnets built into the false lash line. Each pack contains one set per eye, each with an upper and lower set. The magnets on each side lock together to secure themselves to your natural lash line. 

    The video, by Ardell Pro Artist Yamima Salahieh, demonstrates the application of the Full Magnetic Strip Lashes. To start, apply a volumizing mascara to natural lashes. This will help create a smooth blend between the natural and enhanced lashes. 

    Next, remove the upper lashes for your right eye. Place and lightly pinch along the upper lash line. Follow by removing the lower lashes for the right eye and place underneath your natural lashes. Use a pinching motion again to trace along the lash line and lock the magnets in place. Simply repeat the same process on the other eye. No adhesive needed! 

    As for removal, gently roll your index finger and thumb in opposite directions to release the magnetic lock. The lashes will then slide off of your eye and can be unlocked from one another by continuing the same rolling motion. 

    The lashes are completely reusable. Neatly place them back into the package, no formal aftercare is needed. 

    Tricks and Tips 

    The video above demonstrates an experienced application of Ardell's Magnetic Lashes. While your industry experience may provide you with the skill to succeed on your first time, it's important to understand what could go wrong and how to prevent it. 

    1) Mirror Image - When it comes to self-application, no need to go in blind! Take advantage of a small makeup mirror to help you get a better visual on your lash line. The perfect mirror for the job? The RIKI Cutie by GLAMCOR! This smartphone-sized mirror is lined with LED lights to perfectly light up your lashes! The Cutie also comes with a wearable finger ring to help keep as much of your hands free as possible during lash application. 

    2) Line it Up - The trickiest part about applying magnetic lashes is lining them up. In order for the mini magnets to lock in place, you need to get the correct alignment. Like many beauty products, practice makes perfect! The first few times you apply, you may have trouble getting the lashes close enough to your natural lash line to make them look natural and sit comfortably. Rest assured, the more familiar you are with the product the easier your applications will become. We suggest taking advantage of the "wiggle" technique demonstrated in the above video. The same technique used for removal can be used during alignment to wiggle the lashes closer to your lash line. 

    3) Alternate Application - If you find the traditional application instructions just aren't cutting it, try to flip and reverse them! One of the common issues magnetic lash beginners have is getting the top lash to stay in place before attaching the lower lash. An alternate way to apply is to begin by placing the bottom lashes on first. Open your eye and place the bottom lashes under your natural lash line. Close your eye to hold the lower lash in place while picking up the upper lashes. Then place the upper lash on top of your natural lashes, lining it up as closely as possible. Some women find this reverse application helpful in creating the best alignment and securely locking in the lash magnets. 

    Are you ready to try out magnetic lashes? For a limited time Ardell Magnetic Lashes are 15% off on our site and in-store. Shop now! 

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